ARMAGEDDON! The Coming War. How close are we?

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Comment (23)

  1. That's why the kings of the earth have been "resigning" left and right over the last few years because they know the battle of Armageddon is coming upon them soon. They've decided to suddenly step down without real reasons.

  2. I want so much to leave this earth. There's too much evil in this world. I have been a target of much evil myself, even by the ones who say they are people of Yah. Oh dear Yah make me worthy to escape everything that is coming on the earth. Help me pray much for, and see many others escape what is coming on the earth.

  3. I love you two. Very informative. Even this was interesting to listen to. You both speak a wealth of truth. Nevertheless, there will be no dead bodies, rotten and buried in their Graves coming to life again.

  4. This study let's me know this Book ( all of it ) was written, produced and directed by YAH before it even came into Being. YAH has already made us Vessels of Honor and Dishonor and he knows each and everyone. So even though we may not know which one we are, we need to seek him as though we are of Honor, not in a self righteous way but a Humble way in Fear and Trembling of Reverence of who HE is.

  5. Black people unconsciously worship white folks. That's the root of all your problems. That's why the real GOD doesn't answer you. Stop replacing fake white Jesus with a black one.

  6. GOD in the old testament doesn't share his glory with no one. GOD changes his mind in the new testament shares his glory with Jesus and The holy spirit. Make it make sense?

  7. Farrakhan told a white man he don't won't Armageddon that last war to come, he told that white man if it do.
    Their will be peace and justice on land he say it may seems like they're not winning but they will.

  8. A Great Lesson Brother Watchman and Sister Deborah, All Praises Unto The Most High!!! Enjoy the rest of your Day and Shabbat Shalom. ❤🤗

  9. Don't forget Obadiah – Esau's particular fall and why.
    I went back to watch independence day 1 and 2. So wicked. And even the 2nd one has lucifer which is in the shape of an orb telling lies that the aliens were bad harvesters that were stealing the earth's core. No. TMH will drill a hole to the earth's core to throw them into the fire I believe. However, the end of the movies were the humans (nations holding TMH people) having "victory". They had mankind fighting hard against the aliens but since I know, I watched from the angle of the humans even the fake jews and will Smith as the bad guys and the aliens as TMH. It made my day doing that. But ironic they stopped the queen when she grabbed the orb which was really the devil.


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