Arranged Marriages, protecting our children

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  1. I remember many, many year's ago being part of a christian/jew organization they had classes and activities for, young, teenage, single, young married and older married couples to meet, greet, teach and interact with each other. When going to Hebrew Israelite org, it was nothing like that, but men/women on the prowl.

  2. I so agree! In fact every time your son speaks that Word, I think, man, I just want to introduce him to my 17 yo daughter, because that young man has some sense in his head…LOL! You two did a great job, with the help of the Father. Shalawam!

  3. This is the same subject me and my wife was speaking about not too long ago. We where saying that by the time our daughters reach marriageable age they won't be able to fine a righteous man to marry.

  4. I must say again that I am elated to have come across your videos, because most things that I have thought and desired, you guys have hit the nails on their heads. I no longer feel alone or confused. Wish my parents had sought out honorable men for my sisters and me. I fully support you guys!!

  5. Shalom! Thank you so much for this video! This is so important for our people. We need a network of sorts, to be able to meet like-minded families in our area and fellowship accordingly. Many blessings to your family!

  6. Oh, my I feel the same as well. I'm struggling now with my daughter bringing her 2 children up in the right environment and letting YAH be that partner she really needs. We now came in the truth of YAH, and we are out of the Christian Faith. It is so funny because the children my children age say that they are so mature and know a lot at their age. Although my husband still hasn't completly turned his life to YAH, he was hurt in the Christian Church but YAH… I have a 13 year old daughter who has been introduced to the truth of YAH and is very intelligent and aware of a whole lot. So I'm very aware of who and what she is exposed to.

  7. They are aware of LA LA LAND…The Sabbath is very important to us as well as keeping YAH Commandments. We enjoy your fellowship.

  8. This is an excellent idea Brother and Sister. Church folks have been arranging marriages for years. Sad to say its the blind joining together with the blind.

  9. Can you please tell me if there is any hope for a hebrew israelite, who married a half cuban, half white man before she found out the truth. She even left her husband because of difficulties in the marraige, before truth was revealed. What happens now? is it too late to be forgiven?

  10. I have 2 young boys and that is my biggest fear is for them to be caught up in that situation! I'm glad I watched this video!😊

  11. Shalom, I have a very important question. I have a woman She is a mixed of a black woman and a Spanish decendant man…I wanna marry her but I don't know if that is lawful…we have twin. Should I marry her? Help me out please!

  12. I love you my people you are so real your ideas are helping me up. I was alligned to someone by my ancestors when we first met she had my great grandma coming in her dreams and telling her she needs to know her place in this relationship she told me about people that I never seen before that only my parents knew she said they wanted this relationship to work so my family can be in harmony. I personally never believed her until one time I dream of my grandad telling me to marry that girl otherwise no woman in this world will ever make me happy. Till this day I respect the spirit of our ancestors they are within us

  13. I really appreciate your love for YAH and your children. It really warms my heart to see love expressed by your conscern for your children to help them grow according to the way He has mede them. PRAISE YAH!

  14. TMH has awakened me out of my sleep, I am still praying for my family to awaken as well. I’m 18 going to a bible college which is perdominatly white, majoring in music. I want to find israelite brothers and sisters near my age to fellowship with.

  15. Yes I’m 26 and praying for Father Yah to arrange my marriage as I know very few Hebrews around me.

  16. I feel the same way, I have sons, I and husband love the Most High and Our Savior Yeshua, I pray for our sons to marry A God fearing, woman, that has the desire for God Yah first and the family second, that are my mindful of God's Yah laws and ways, to be a helper and righteous servant. Shahom and my our Savior Yeshua bless you house and your family.


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