Arsuf 1191 – Third Crusade DOCUMENTARY

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Our historical animated documentary series on the Third Crusade started out with the siege and fall of Acre between 1189 and 1191, but that wasn’t the end of the Crusade and the rivalry between the King of England Richard Lionheart and the Ayyubid Sultan Salah ad-din Ayyubi continued with the famous battle of Arsuf of 1191

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The video, alongside Machinima for it was created by Malay Archer while the script video was written by Matt Hollis.

This video was narrated by Officially Devin ( &

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Comment (39)

  1. When saladdins ass was kicked repeatedly by the lionheart, barely made it out of the battlefield alive and had to flee from battle despite having the advantage of numbers And his gullable followers or supporters keep claiming he never lost a battle just because he captured a defenceless Jerusalem in the absence of Baldwin 4 ….😂😂😂shuff ignorance at its best

  2. The bigger question is where are my Norman Knights in all of this? Seriously you want to conquer something right hire the professionals aka my ancestors.

    Plus they had cut their teeth once before with the Muslims in Sicily. They have battle experience with the enemy.

  3. IIRC that's the same Phillipe II who dissolved the Templars. Some theories state that was because he owed them money he couldn't pay back. In context then it's interesting this video says his reason for returning from the Holy Land was 'probably' to press his claim on the prosperous region of Flanders. That would seem to support the cash-flow theory.

  4. After fighting 4 tours in Iraq, I feel for those poor bastards. 125 degree heat plus 100 pounds of gear, is no joke. Heart attacks for everyone please. Sucked so bad! I was in my mid 30's as well.

  5. Two military geniuses fighting each other. Makes it even better to know that they were friendly to each other and wished to be allies rather than enemies.

  6. You did not defeat us except by using your heavy shields, unlike the Muslims who were facing you with their light shields. Despite that, we took Jerusalem by force. Your heavy shields need Suleiman the Magnificent to bomb them with cannons and defeat you in ninety minutes as if it were a football match.

  7. in the battle of jaffa modern historians insiste that saladdin loses were less than 7000 as this number was given by chritians sources who want to glorifay richard victory the ayyubids lost just some 3000 while cristhians forces certainly lost more than 700 as they suffred from constant attacks by muslims archers for many hours and for the forces the christians werent outnumbred 2 to 1 as estimates of there army vary according to sources from 15000 to 20000 you chose 15000

  8. 14:30 Hit and run horse archery is only done by Turkic soldiers yet there are information given about Turkic soldiers in the video. Strange..a bit lousy in terms of research about the ethnic composition of Saladins army

  9. To summarize, Saladin wanted to use the advantage of the Asuf's forest to trap the Crusade sodiers. When Richard came to Asuf, he read through the Saladin's strategy by keeping his eyes out of the toppographie of Asuf. He came up with his strategy to reponse to Saladin's stategy. He had reason on his strategy, but unfortunaly for him, the other commanders of Crusade did not follow his strategy until the end. Because of this, Richard's strategy could have gone bust. Luckily, Saladin also made himself a big mistake by ordering his warriors to dismount to shoot arrows more accurately. This mistake led to the fail of Saladin in the Asuf battle. Anyway, Richard and Saladin are both talented, no matter who won the battle.

  10. Richard did not destroy Saladin, and the evidence for this is that in the end he sat at the negotiating table with Saladin, and Al-Nasir Saladin did not sit with him. Rather, he sent his brother, the just Ayubi. In the end, the occupation of Jerusalem failed in that. This is a victory for Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi.


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