Artificial Intelligence replacing Millions of Jobs!

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Comment (24)

  1. Trump and them r bragging that the employment is the best it’s ever been. While there r more homeless ppl than ever b4 everywhere of all stripes.

  2. Giant food stores out here in PA already have these robots. Had the nerve to put some googly eyes and a lamenated paper smile on it. Smh

  3. People cant seriously believe these "sweeping the floors" robots are just doing the floors. They are also scanning and taking pictures of people part of the facial recognition, which is a different topic all to itself.

  4. While Walmart hires their robots to take jobs then hue'man's should take their business elsewhere. Those dam devil's.

  5. The Terminator movies have made me not trust these machines. Next the military will put AI's in charge of nuclear weapons.

  6. Yah pulled me out of the workforce and ensured I would have a pension. His timing is ALWAYS THE RIGHT TIME!! Maybe I can start a Channel and sell merchandise as a sideline?

  7. You should watch the movie Upgrade. It came out last year. The A.I. in the movie puts your soul in the sunk in place and uses your body for its will….they're putting it out there for you to see.

  8. I been trying to tell people this for a while but they either see me as paranoid or don't realize how serious this is and how much it's going to affect everyone. Right now is the time to prepare and the best things to invest in is seeds, land, property, water, etc. But instead of doing that our people are too distracted with sports, rap, Popeyes chicken sandwiches, cops, race, politics etc. It's really sad because there's going to be alot of pain and suffering to many people we know and love. But to the ones who see this message and take it seriously, do what you can now because things are moving at a rapid pace and it's going to become harder and harder to keep up.

  9. Are our people whorshipping idols through the characters, dinosaurs & so called monsters, and sayings on clothing? Seems like childrens naughty behaviour might stem from it if constantly seen on clothing and tv. @Watchman Reports

  10. In DC COMICS . one of the Super freinds Is Named CYBORG .Hes one of the First if not the fisrt Black Supet Hero in Dc Comics.
    He is just what his Name is Cyborg

  11. When a person gets hired at Walmart, they are immediately pushed to sign up for food stamps. Management at Walmart sits down and literally helps them fill out the forms to apply. What a company to work for! 🤦🏽‍♀️ Pretty dismal. Definitely not a place I’d strive to work for.

  12. Yes my familythe AL is trying to take your face and see all about who you are that's another thing what they trying to do to it tells everything about you when you walk by a machine if you see one stay away from get away as fast you can have a blessed day

  13. 1/20/19, Search fb AI, 1/19/19, examine the structure looks like a heritage chart. Notice the omissions/ exclusions. Re: the volcano of Hawaii a few yrs. ago . China paid thousands and thousands of dollars for the dead bodies they claimed for the purpose of designing body parts. The disgarded body parts were served in Restaurants as witnessed on videos like 'I travel to eat'. Another issue thousands of young service men lost their limbs including their penis. These parts are currently being replaced. Notice Also thousand of our young men and women are missing! Officers are snatching young black women in broad daylight off the streets? The CDC claims they need thousand of pints of blood, why? Also recent videos on fb providing the exercise of combat robots/ riot robots;There will be no need for sympathizers. Re: the scripture, YAHWEH will cut the Time short for the Elects sake! Praise YAHWEH!


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