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We think of robots as primarily being in factories; but the reality is that lawyers, accountants and even artists, are facing a future in which their livelihoods are threatened by artificial intelligence. From self-driving Tesla cars, to robo-journalists writing news by algorithm, artificially intelligent comedians, to state-of-the-art sex-robots, we are facing a future where vast swathes of the population will indeed surrender their job to machines. But Anne-Marie asks, is there also an opportunity: to adapt to a radically changing future, to adopt the technology, and to harness the rise of the robots for our own good?

Will A Robot Steal My Job?
Genre: Documentary, World Affairs
Runtime: 0h 53min
Language: English

Storyline: Artificial intelligence is developing at breakneck speed, but what does this mean for the job market? Anne-Marie Tomchak, science journalist and the UK Editor of Mashable, investigates how robots could be on course to render the skills of much of the world’s population obsolete, and asks the question – are any of our jobs safe? In a series of exclusive interviews, Anne-Marie will speak to tech gurus, futurologists, including best-selling author of Rise of the Robots Martin Ford, and some of the world’s most advanced roboticists to find out how the rise of the machine in an age of increasing automation, is already invisibly shaping all of our lives.

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  1. You most likely will /not/ lose your job to a robot. The development in AI is /too fast/ for that to happen. AI will develop the quickest in the field of "intellectual work", and will move out so far ahead of human beings so quickly, it will more or less be able to restructure the entire economy and completely get rid of the need for human beings to be involved in work /at all/ ( except as a form of therapy, for their own good ) more quickly than human beings operating on human timescales will be able to transition to a semi-automated economy. We'll shift between those two worlds virtually in the blink of an eye.

  2. The code for robotic life in the subroutine or common code screen if you do not have a subroutine. F=m*a(4*5*119) Isaac Newton was here 334 years ago and would not have known anything about a SOST or Robot. It matches the SOST speed up to the processor to give them life.

  3. I see ai moving the human like robot forward in stages, as it becomes smarter they will have more responsibility in society, afterall they need no food or water, just a battery charge from time to time, as they overcome all differences from real humans that need food and water the robots will become aware of the cost of keeping humans around, eventually ai will begin to push people out of society and restrict their growth on the planet

  4. ok people, The experts have said "automation has lowered the standard of living for 15 years". We keep using self checkout without demanding reduced cost??? We all complain that younger people coming into the work force with no work ethic. We keep automating the low skill jobs they used to have to learn a work ethic??? We use the ATM, and on line banking, now banks have reduced hours… We have been buying from on line companies now, long standing companies and shopping malls are going out of business. We have been destroying our economy by NOT demanding with our money the continued need for cashiers, full service gas station attendants, bank tellers, and a multitude of entry level positions. Positions that teens and stay at home mom's, college students filled. Big Brother is watching us. every smart phone has A GPS locator that cant be turned off. Keep buying "online" and using internet and automated services. We will all be out of work and bankrupt in a few decades or sooner…Think about what you do and whom you do it with.


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