At the time of our ignorance YAH winked. But it's over now

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  1. And that’s the sad thing about religion. We have these New Testament preachers only. The whole Bible goes hand in hand. To understand the new, you have to understand the old.

  2. I some years ago had asked the most high, why do our women put up with the things ya men put them through. As I started to read the scripture I came upon Genesis 3:16 when Yah, put down the punishment on Adam and Eve. He told Eve, cause of her sin, that she will have desire for her husband, and he shall rule over you. Now I understand why women cling to these men and except the abuse he give. Until she breaks that curse and comes back to Yah, she’ll probably forever fall for the devices of her husband.

  3. Another thing about the girl that died retrieving her phone. If you listen to the words of the song, she says, I’m playing Russian roulette. She did play with her life y’all! She said it!

  4. Most are not called so they can not open the mystery of the scripture, and the revelation of how scripture becomes flesh and fights for us we can not teach because those of them that went were not taught by YAH and the Spirit of the anointing does not accommodate us but HIM ; so YAH will not endorse the WORD are dispatch help because they were not anoint because they were not sent YAH SPIRIT is with the sent, e.g. When YAH call's HE teaches than HIS Spirit brings the power of revelation, revealing the solution to the problem from the throne room of heaven, and overturns everything that the enemy meant for evil to good. Speaking from experience not from hypnosis. SHALOM

  5. Is there an app or a place 2 order the a Callander with the different feast fasts holy days ect is so drop me the link thanks 👍


  7. Could someone explain this verse for me biblically

    Yet if any man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed; but let him glorify God on this behalf.

    1 Peter 4:16 KJV

  8. I see so many demons come after you all.. the truth stirs and shakes demons.. all those self righteous hypocrites.. will have to answer to Abba Yah about their prophetLies.
    Wheat from the tares..
    Our people hates each other.

  9. Shalom and thank you for your messages, however, they are more often than not recorded at a very low volume. Its very difficult to hear what you are saying without holding my phone up to my ear.
    Thank you for your videos, Most High Continue to bless you and your household. 😊 🌺 🙌🏾

  10. Halleluyah, I thank and glorify the most high Elohim Yah for the blessing upon you too brother Watchman & sister Daborah. Shalom.

  11. I'm so glad you two are still treading forward in the name of the Lord, I fell but recently came back to the Lord and I forgot about your videos. I was woken up to the truth of who we are, I had a feeling but now my eyes are truly open. I'm glad you're still around the Lord is God.

  12. Please Watchman and Deborah contact me it would be a heaven sent blessing if y’all do I need some help I’m going to Yah first of course but I would really appreciate y’all help also

  13. Satan is trying to stop the black seed, send our men to jail, deny them jobs so they want have the ability to support their families, take away our men masculinity it's outrageous I tell my children if they come back to me gay I'm done with them period don't want to see them don't want to know them….we want to be like them some of us which is sad we rather straightened our hair, makeup etc.. .it's so sad

  14. The word “Fun” is in the Bible described as an action. We have fun when we praise Yah when we dance to Yah, sang to Yah, and dance as David danced. Now that’s fun family.

  15. What does/did menstruous mean in ancient Hebrew? Don’t all women menstruate? What was the significant meaning behind that term?

  16. FINALLY!!!!! FINALLY!! Thank you for dealing with the 400 pound gorilla in the room! Our community’s sin and wickedness is a stench in Yah’s nostrils and a blight on our communities. In some cases we are our worst oppressors. Worse, we have even found creative ways to glorify the thuggery and whorish behavior and teach it to our children, then we turn around and bawl ignorance when Yah’s judgement is visited on us. The delusion is so strong, it’s frightening.
    Hosea Chapter 4
    14”For I am like a lion to Ephraim
    and like a young lion to the house of Judah.
    I, even I, will tear them to pieces and then go away. I will carry them off to where no one can rescue them.

  17. Greetings to one and all, im from the island of Trinidad and Tobago, and my eyes has been recently opened to the truth, thank you my brother and sister for allowing YAH to draw both of you to him to help open the eyes of his people, thank you for being obedient to his calling.

  18. Brother Yahu, Deborah speaks so freely and its refreshing. I just got done listening to a iseralite camp saying us women are only here to be incubators. We aren't allowed to speak or interact on their channel. That truly hurt ny spirt to see this man talk to us and degrade us like a white slave master. I would hate to believe our heavenly father views me like that. A piece of meat for reproduction only.

  19. I pray that as individuals and a nation we listen and take heed to this message of truths. YAH's window of grace and mercy is quickly closing.

  20. Thanks to the Father YAH!! This is so true!! My family say that I don’t love my son because I refuse to except his life style of homosexuality!!!

  21. This message is for me because!! HALLELU YAH!! Yes sometimes I feel like I’m alone!!! Because everyone has excepted theses lies!! I’m standing alone with YAHUAH

  22. Sister Deborah is telling it like it is. There is a famous poetry lady, that was saying she was Israelite and so happy about it that has a lot of followers, when she said that, the Israelites started telling her so many things and confusing her she said she was leaving the Israelite movement, Israelites made her switch, foes that look like her.

    She said she still know who she is, but is so sad that we still can't come together.

    The awakening is tarnished we are acting silly dividing ourselves over things that some want to cling to and calling themselves Israelite when they seek power and whom they can get to follow them, not YAHUSHUA.


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