Australia: Climate change causes insurability crisis | Latest English News | WION Climate Tracker

Australia has a long history of natural disasters, floods, earthquakes, storms, cyclones and landslides. These disasters have been responsible for loss of lives and economic impact as well.

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Comment (32)

  1. Stop GEOENGINEERING. You do know who is invested in that don't you?
    Stop it now.
    These are NOT "natural" disasters.

  2. Some of the houses in Australia are built in flood zones and these homes have been flooded many times in the past 50 -60 years. This is not climate change . Many of the floods are not all time records but are 30 or 40 or 100 year records and sometimes its how the catchment area has been changed. And the insurance companies are pulling out of flood prone areas for greater profits

  3. no one can safe earth from climate change.. More and more jungle fire activities ahead be ready

  4. Renewable Energy ♻️🌎 Energy Revolution
    1 Wind energy 2 Hydropower
    3 Solar energy 4 Geothermal Energy
    5 Ocean tide energy (Tidal power/wave🌊)
    6 Gravitational “Potential energy”

    By the way
    “Geothermal energy” is “24 hours” Reliable energy

    Lower carbon / Lower Methane
    Lower pollution (Environmental Justice)

    Energy transition to Green Energy ♻️
    Clean and Safe

    transition to Electric drive system.

    At least is cleaner than fossil fuels burning
    (Air pollution)
    ex “Geothermal energy” is cleaner (and safe)
    (Environment-Friendly)(connection with Nature)

    We need Energy Revolution
    Tackle Climate Change

    “Reduce pollution”
    Environmental Protection 💛

    Solar panel 🌞
    —> Recycle ♻️
    —> Materials Reuse ♻️
    —> Reduce the Waste (garbage)
    —> Reduce pollution

    Use Recyclable materials ♻️
    =Reduce garbage (solve garbage problem)
    =Reduce the waste of resources🌎💛

    The way we treat the Environment(the Earth/Nature)🌎
    Will have the consequence(impact) in the future👶

  5. “Fossil Fuel – Free” 🏭 (Coal/Oil/Gas)
    Tackle Climate Change
    (Global Warming🌡️/ “Extreme” Weather)
    We want Clean Air , Not Lung Cancer
    Environmental Justice (Reduce pollution)

    We don't call Natural Gas.
    We call “Fossil Gas” (“Methane Gas”).
    is “Fossil Gas” Not Natural Gas
    Because “Natural” Gas sounds it's fine. It's ok to use. But it's not fine.
    We need to get rid of Fossil Gas and Fossil Oil.

    “Methane” Emissions from Natural Gas and Oil
    STOP burning Fossil Gas
    “Fossil fuels-Free”
    Tackle Climate Change

    “Oil production” is currently responsible for around 40% of “Methane” emissions, with leaks across the “Natural gas” value chain accounting for the remaining 60%.

  6. CLIMATE CHANGE IS A FINANCIAL/ELITIST CONTROL HOAX based on PROVEN LIES AND DATA MANIPULATION. Who is losing freedoms and rights, loss of wealth
    Its us the plebs.

  7. Climate change activists have no end to their fairy tales.
    There used to say the Aussie dams would never fill, but now they're overflowing.
    We wasted hundreds of millions on desalination plants.
    If it's not one thing it's another, flood or drought, it's always 'climate change'.

  8. Well, I suppose if creation came in with a bang, then it’s only logical that it goes out with that same bang. WAKE UP

  9. Haha another karma disaster to Australia . That the result to support ukraine and sanction russia… Now you pay the price all 30 country nato distroyed they country by NATURE disaster 🇷🇺💪💪💪💪🇷🇺👏🇷🇺👍

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  11. Climate change Lol don't tell the Dinosaurs that! They are found in Alaska. Its the way the world is. Called Evolution? Yes. comments welcome.

  12. So make house that can float on flood, fire proof, earthquake proof.. Come on ancient india and china can build buildings that last for 1000s years

  13. Fact – loss of life due to natural disasters down 97% in the past 100 years. Fact – even the corrupt IPCC had to admit there was no global trend in natural disasters, ie some were up in some regions and others were down. Global warming is and always was a scam to control people via stealing their money and liberty to do normal things in life.

  14. Climate has changed on earth as long as this earth exists. Nothing will change that. It is normal. That is why you work with nature and change as you must. Why do you think you find wale bones in the Sahara? If the Weather shifts , Countries will have to adjust to the change. Unless you are a nut case and scream no more this and that and it will stop the change. People like that will fall flat on their noses. They are fooling and scaring people for no reason what so ever. Oh wait, that is not correct, they do this because of profit. Follow the money. And if you have disaster they are often because of stupidity of humans. Building in an area where you know floods will happen, earth quakes etc. Often it is also the building material, it is clear that a Hurricane will blow away a wood house… and so the the list goes on and on. Things like that are the ONLY man made disasters, the weather is not!

  15. There has been a natural climate change every year since the begining of our world. Nothing new,no human made impact apart from rubbish everywhere but that will decompose too after couple of hundred years. Bunch of lies to steal our lifes using monetary system and taxation 😉

  16. The best way to curb climate change?

    Reduce greenhouse gases such as crude oil, natural gas, and coal.

    How do we do that?

    – Transition from materials like plastic to sustainable + eco-friendly ones like bamboo.

    – Transition from fossil fuels for energy to renewable ones like solar, wind, and hydropower.

    – Find solutions to minimize energy and resource waste around the globe.

    "The first wealth is health." – Ralph Waldo Emerson 🌎

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  18. MATES, …Bush fires, droughts and flooding rains have been SEVERE in Australia way before european settlers arrived. It's not CO2.


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