Australian Mouse plague about to get worse

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Comment (47)

  1. Family We know we are seeing ABBAFATHER’s hand and I see comments on some streams where we are celebrating the judgements but I’m here to say ABBAFATHER in YAHUSHA sternly spoke to me saying“ I said LOVE your enemy”. Our attitude is to remain in Love. Love toward one another and toward our neighbors as ourselves. The Judgement is first to The HOUSE of YAHUAH. He is judging our attitude toward others in calamity. There is a scripture that we are not to be happy at another’s calamity. He, nearly yelled at me about this. Be prayerful asking for mercy so that we are found worthy to escape the Day of wrath. We must first consider there but for the Grace of Our ABBAFATHER, there go I. This could easily be turned upon us for our calloused hearts toward others calamities. If this is me, I Repent. And if it’s you, Repent. Shalom.

  2. Absolutely so, their wickedness carries consequences. They never returned the land to its people, killed, murdered millions, almost wiping out that population. They waited until the hand of God comes down upon them, they thought that Father& Creator of His indigenous people never really exist, now they shall see that He does and is the creator of His People and the land He created for them. He gave them more than enough time to do right but they failed….generation after generation over and over again, there has been no generation that stood up to undo the wrong, but each being beneficiary to the injustice, the genocide and murders of the indigenous who are the people of the Creator, Yah. So get out from among them, so as to allow them to receive their punishment without being in their way, without you or us receiving any part of the judgement. They must be punished according to their deeds ,7 fold, as it was their choice.

  3. They poisen the flour for the aborigines now they can't eat their own flour and grain because of the mice. How history repeats itself. 🤔

  4. Shalom Watchman, this is Grand news Praise Yahuah our Elohiym Y'israel through Messiah Yahusha Ha'Mashiach. Thank you Father, we see Your Glorious works in the Earth. Thank You 😊!

  5. This is why you must repent for the sins of your ancestors. My heart goes out to that man with his 12 year old killed. That's terrible.

  6. They have destroyed the planet, but yet, they are perceived like the saviors of the earth according to their propaganda machine…..deceivers…Thou shalt not steal!!

  7. These devil's have a price to pay. I'm praying that the most high God forgive us of our sins and seek vengeance on behalf of our ancestors and people today.

  8. The bats were so heavy in the trees that huge tree limbs broke. The attacked people. YAH'S WILL BE DONE.

  9. It is a sad thing to be taught a lie from the place where Truth s/b exalted and proclaimed. Our sins found us out and we received a 360 look from Jehovah because we are humbling ourselves, pray, seeking His face and turning from our wicked ways. Yashar'el of Yahuah, no need to rejoice in our enemies destruction…..It is written.

  10. Shalawam To You and Your Family Brother Watchman and To The Brothers and Sister's of True Israel and those Gentiles who have chosen to Cleave upon us I say Shalawam ❤🕎🤴🏿. One of my Brothers recently retired from the New York City Police Department after 20 years on the force. Family you cannot imagine how Evil the Police Department is. What you see or read from the 3 major News Organizations dosen't expose the Racism the Demonic Rituals the Total Corruption that runs through the entire Department. If you are a good officer that follows protocol they will do whatever they can to break you, to become like one of them. I don't want to put to much out there for the safety of my Brother but I will say this. There's a Documentary on Hulu and Google called "Crime and Punishment" and he's one of the Good Police Detectives that went undercover to expose the entire Department. They we're targeting Black and Hispanic Males to boost up their Illegal Quota Practices. He became a Target and they did their "best" to drive him out and not give him his pension but YAHAWAH was always there to protect him. It's worth watching there are Good Caucasian Police Officers in New York City but the Evil one's outnumber them. Shalom Family ❤🕎

  11. like the song said (The day will come when they will try escape but there will be no where run)

  12. During the Australian wild fires, the media showed scenes of white people and animals being rescued. I saw absolutely no footage of rescues of the indigenous Aboriginal black people. Is there any reliable information on what happened to them or were allowed to die without rescue efforts?

  13. Please, pray for me the FATHER asked…told me to do something HARD then 30 years later it's even HARDER, but I'd rather die than to not. Especially now.

  14. That wasn't me is the first thing they say but benefiting from what their ancestors did.

  15. I can see the plagues hitting Australia hard because the original people of Australia look like the exact description of Jesus in the bible.

  16. Men's hearts are going to fail. The fear of The Most High is the beginning of wisdom. APTTMH. Put on your body suits of armour family and stay prayed up, constantly repenting and asking for forgiveness. Shalom may the most high Elohim be with us.

  17. That’s why the Bible says the angels in heaven rejoice in the book of Revelations. I join in with the angels as I rejoice to see the destruction and judgment of the wicked🙏🏾🙏🏾

  18. not the most highs work so I won't fear any of this not a so called virus. I dont let man made news get to me I really have faith in most high I don't move in fear

  19. you know there are black people out there right? and watch it will be killing the blacks out there so I don't feel it's the most high it's the evil man plot to get rid of children of Israel

  20. Dude has never forgot to be racist and prejudice….It's funny his sorry ass son is a crack head…..Let that sink in…Salute to all the Black Malicias…I'm done….

  21. Been studying and testing lab rats since they stole the world, but they can’t even control em 😂 😂😂

  22. The bats have been a severe problem in certain parts of Australia. Watch currant affair Australia. The bats are so severe that they are breaking trees down from the weight of them. Saw this in 2020🤷‍♀️

  23. I think it is interesting they always want to blame these events on climate change when it is clear this is judgment, pure and simple.


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