Avengers Endgame: Is there a Hidden Message? Biblical Undertones

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  1. It's two ways you can do the movie Thanos wanted a new Earth in the Bible Yah said he's going to make a new heavens and a new Earth . This movie can be looked at in two ways was Thanos bad or was he good

  2. This Is ALL about The Torah Codes Revealed Nibiru : A Solar system/ twin tailed comet with 7 planets orbiting it, it Will Come Close to the earth YET NOT hit Us, We ALL Will feel the effects of the tail which Is ionic and has space debris in it. This Is In Our Ancient Holy Writings & The Sacred Holy Zohar. You can Really Only See It Nibiru with Infrared telliscope, such as The one on Mount Graham in Arizona called L.U.C.I.F.E.R. an acronym for it job it does.

  3. I think so. Thanos was the reminiscent of the God of the flood in the old testament. And Tony Stark was the "sacrifical saviour of man and mankind". Actually the flood story of the old testament is actually a Sumerian folktale…Epic of Gilgamesh. But a lot of movies use the bible as a blueprint. It's a way of keeping ppls perception trapped in the book. But past the end time you have a new Captain (African) America…a black Captain Marvel is on the cards..a black man in the iron man suit. Panther and the futuristic Kingdom of Wakanda And a host of females in power.

  4. Hello I’m Jose Thank you so much for that Video is the first time I listen to one of your Videos very interesting thank you so much Jose from New York…

  5. It's all based on Gnostic / Luciferian teachings that The God of the bible is a demiurge i.e. a created hateful god that was created & don't know it. It go's deep it's Programming for the masses on many levels Thanos is their view of The MOST HIGH GOD! It's wil leaven the souls that watch it & take main stream media in as the source of truth. Pray these "christian" movie critics get their eyes open they are for the most pt blind to all this.

  6. First the rapture happened where millions of people suddenly vanished. The those left behind became the tribulations saints to fight the battle of Armageddon. Then those who vanished came back to fight in the battle of armageddon where the beast and all the evil people where destroyed. There is a hidden meaning for those looking through saved eyes.

  7. Faith and belief is systemically embedded in us. Interesting how the media is very strong in manipulating this. Example?

    The movie got believers debating and discussing. Thus, more popularity and acknowledgement for the film.

  8. To me, there is no longer a war to go fight, He has done it all, Jesus Christ is King and the Battle has been won. All I have to do is to make sure I follow Him, this is why we need to be watchful, not because we need to fear but because we need to love. Lord Please help me and my brothers and sisters don't be fooled by this and that, but consumed by you, that our highest priority is you, not money or cars or houses which are important. But for you, by you and with you.

  9. Pray for the deceived" 9The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that ALL should come to repentance.

  10. there is no such things like end times or end events, stop confusing people or playing the ascended masters chess play cards ! This is a program that we re living and experiencing that has been established for a while !!!

  11. The earth is burning up now. The UV rays are taken care of business, especially the UVC rays/gamma rays, these are the ones burning up the street signs, stop signs, speed limit signs etc.It appears as though the asswipes of U-tube are not letting my comments show on this channel, so this is to you savages…. When the SHTF I'm going all in on you bastards, like Thanos with all the stones. Looking forward to this.

  12. Oh, how great it would have been to have had someone tell Thanos, "ashes to ashes" just before his demise!

  13. Watchman and his wife are false prophets who twist the scriptures much like their christian family.

  14. If you, want to be "LIE" to and decived just watch the News. But if you, want to know the truth of this world watch the movie's.

  15. This is a good break down and thanks for keeping the music balanced in the back ground . I am going to study the word even the more. I just watched endgame and infinity wars this weekend and did not rush to see it in theaters. Will be praying for those who are lost. The entire cast and their fans

  16. Science with Google's new quantum computer can prove the multiverse theory and it can pull quantum particles out of the 4 and 5 dimensions the multiverse theory is that you have many doppelgangers that are all on diffrent paths look it up nickolea Tesla was right we have the technology now to prove it people for years they've tried to separate science and god but all science is the ability to see what god did closer to the way he does what we've thought was magic is beings demon and Angel's not held to the laws of this training simulation we are in the law's of physics are no diffrent the the rules of the computer program in the matrix people wake up people we've been taught since 4 grade in general science that everything that you seen and touch is gas particles no diffrent then the in the matrix program (010010011) the ones that are moving slower then the others give this vessel the illusion of it's a solid think about it

  17. The message is it's not the weapon that makes a hero but the hero that makes the weapon I found that at the part when cap lifts Thor's hammer

  18. Thanos is from Titan …. Titan is the name of one of Saturn's moons…. Saturn is Remphan who is Molok, scriptures dont speak too highly of these figures…. So these alleged Saturnians Jack Kirby and Stan Lee are embedding occultism in their comics….. Same with DC comics and the Superman series with the main figures having the surname EL (Jor-El, Kal-El, etc) and being from Krypton which means hidden which is Saturn all over again

  19. 2021 off to a crazy start. Jesus is the all-powerful and unbeatable Entity. Literally no one/ nothing even comes close to His capabilities.
    hellywood will be exposed as the unclean abomination it is

  20. Stop looking at everything through a biblical lense , yall shit on everything smh (most of yall love complaining about shit but yall are fat asses


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