Babylon in the land of Shinar

Finding Babylon n the tower of babel in the land of Shinar how My studies let me to this Knowledge everybody is free to come to their own conclusions I encourage everybody to do their own homework all praises to the most high heavenly father YAH🙏🏽

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  1. Very good video but if I were you I would investigate Ham being the seed of Cain that survived the flood. The books the were taken out of the Bible give more detail about Noah and his sons. Remember you are reading a plagiarized and manipulated version of the Bible. Europe has all their names after Ham. They are linked to Tubal-cain And Lamech. Read book of Jasher. They changed they table of nations. Rev:4.3. Japheth and Shem. Japheth being the first was the first to rule but his seed forgot the sinned in the so Shem took over the priesthood though Abraham. The rabbit hole goes deeper if you look into Esau as well. They are the children of the nations against the children of Yakobi ( Jacob). Bantu

  2. Wait, ark of Noah is not in Iraq? Where is real ark in MOUNTAINS of Africa? And Second, Moses who writes with a eypgtian language, not Hebrew when he was adopted by eypgtian princess. Ark box is look like a eypgtian box of made. I wonder where is ark box in somewhere of africa.

  3. Ägypten ist heute die USA! Und Sinear ist heute London, welche die Hure Babylon ist! Ismael hat den Nahen Osten geerbt von Gott! Alle anderen Völker wurden vertrieben von dort und in Europa angesiedelt! Außer Edom, die Synagoge Satans, welche sich Juden nennen, aber lügen. Edom wurde von Gott verflucht und bleibt auf ewig ohne Land!

  4. Rubbish! There used to be a "sect" in UK and USA – the British Israelites. The British are Saxons = "Isaac's sons"/ sons of Isaac. And this sect identified places in UK that corresponded to Biblical sites, etc. They also managed somehow to trace the Royal lineage back to King David! There are still some "British Israelites". But it is a whole lot of Rubbish.


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