Babylon's Gay/Transgender Agenda & Sexual Assaults are being Revealed More & More

Hebrew Israelites Giving all Praises to Yahawah wa Yahawashi The Elect of the 12 Tribes of Israel KJV 1611 Bible Hollywood Sexual Assualts End of the World Martial Law FEMA Concentration Camps Jade Helm 15 Rfid Chip/Mark of the Beast Transhumanism/ Bio-metrics New World Order Bohemian Grove Mo lech illuminati Freemasonry Racial Police Shootings Esau(Edom) White-Man is the Devil America’s Economic Collapse World War 3

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  1. They try to impose women to be empowered, by having a transgender man being a person of power. To ease and weaken the male sprit as to accept women to be the balanced power, and men to be the unbalanced old power. Yet they don't want to try working together. They rather extinguish all other options then finally resorting to the basic obvious that is left.

  2. Looks like Julie Roberts. All these “ firsts” are not firsts, just the ones admitting it. I believe very soon, they’ll ALL come out and ppl will be shocked to find their fav celebrities are ALL TRANSGENDER!!

  3. That’s a man why are you calling him a her that’s a man not a woman these people on this world are going crazy. I’m disgusted by this can I move to m another place or move to Japan please.


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