Battle of Cartagena de Indias 1741 – Anglo-Spanish War DOCUMENTARY

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The new Kings and Generals animated historical documentary will cover the Battle of Cartagena de Indias fought in 1741 between Spain and Great Britain during the War of Jenkins’ Ear, also called the Asiento War. This colonial battle was crucial for the fates of the New World and influenced the upcoming change in alliances in Europe.

How Spain and Portugal divided the world:
Beginning of the War of Austrian Succession:
How Spain conquered the New World:

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This video was narrated by Officially Devin ( & while the script was written by Johan Melhus

Machinimas were made on Total War: Empire engine by Malay Archer (

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Comment (47)

  1. Watching the video, anyone would come to the conclusion that of the 16,000 English soldiers who died in that battle, 15,500 died from the disease and only 500 from the battle against the Spanish, who in this video are portrayed constantly fleeing in panic. I suppose that the 50 sunken ships of the English fleet, also must have sunk because of the diseases.

    I have never seen a historical battle narrated in such a way that nothing is known about what the opponent did. It would be like narrating a football game that ended 7-1, only explaining your team's only goal and forgetting about the other 7, to end by saying, well, we lost 7-1.

  2. LISTEN Hollywood will never make any Pro-Hispanic movies the fact is like the Angloids they Hollywood is as Biased and antihispanic too It is up to us to make it happen in both Spanish language and the angloid language as well in order to let the entire world know , Seriously

  3. A real shame that during the entire narration of the battle there is no mention of a single Spanish commander, crucial decisions such as burning your own ships, digging holes in the walls so that the stairs could not reach, waging guerilla warfare at night, cutting off British supplies… hole narration from the heroic british point of view, and of course not a single mention that Vernon had commemorative coins minted to London before the battle. It is evident that when an Anglo-Saxon tells the story, he always sweeps home. I will unfollow now, i like history as it is, no with stupid nationalism…

  4. if a ship was smuggled, even if they weren't smuggling, they were captured, even tortured
    Where does this information come from? This seems an unfounded accusation of any kind, simply for saying that the Spanish were torturers like the Inquisition, without taking into account that the greatest inquisitors of the history were English and Germans

  5. Decirle a este tipo narrador del video q España Nunca tuvo Colonias eran territorios de Ultra Mar pero claro q vá a decir un inglés cuando fueron ellos los creadores d la Leyenda Negra Contra mí País
    "Todo Buen Español Debería Mear Siempre Mirando Hacia Inglaterra"
    Frase Mítica de Don Blas Dr Lezo y Olabarrieta.
    PD: Gibraltar Español.

  6. it makes me laugh how to this day, anglo education lies about this saying that they were fighting piracy
    atleast you admit it was the english that filled the Hispanic countries with slaves by force

  7. Los ingleses pusieron nombre a una plaza con la única victoria importante que tuvieron sobre España.
    España siempre ha sido motivo de llantos para los ingleses y nunca reconocerán que casi siempre han estado por debajo.
    Los irlandeses e incluso escoceses y galeses desprecian a los ingleses, por algo será.

  8. LOs datos de dicha guerra son de escandalo: Los britanicos apresaron & hundieron 186 naves españolas, y los españoles hundieron & apresaron 406 naves Britanicas….vaya con La Royal Navy "la reina de las olas" jajajajajajaja.

  9. Nunca olvidéis que los dos responsables de la inteligencia militar que logró la victoria en Cartagena de Indias: fueron tanto el vasco Blas de Lezo como también el vasco-navarro y virrey de "Nueva Granada "Sebastian de Eslava Lazaga", el cual nació en el pueblo de Eneriz o Eneritz, donde toda su familia por la parte del padre y de la madre eran vascos y vascos parlantes.

    Quiero decir con esto que los vascos y los españoles están hermanados por la historia e, incluso, por la sangre que corre por sus venas, ya que los vascos son los genuinos iberos o los aborígenes de Iberia (territorio que abarca toda España y Portugal, así como también el sur de Francia y parte de Europa).

    Esta vez no se equivocó el rey designando al alto mando militar, tal como sí ocurrió con la "Armada invencible", donde el almirante vasco Juan Martinez de Recalde Larrinaga (el segundo más importante de la expedición) que comandaba una escuadra el día de la derrota de la Armada invencible (así como también el vasco almirante Miguel de Oquendo, el cual estaba de acuerdo con el almirante Recalde): aviso al almirante jefe de la expedición que debían atacar de inmediato nada más llegar a la costa inglesa, ya que el tiempo y los vientos le eran favorables y además no les iba a dar tiempo a posicionarse y desembarcar a toda la flota inglesa; a lo que el almirante jefe el duque de Medina Sidonia, le respondió que no debido a que tenía ordenes expresas del rey que debían antes arribar a la costa Holandesa donde les esperaban soldados de la infantería del ejercito español pertenecientes a los "Tercios de Flandes" a los que debía recoger.

    Se supo después que de haberse hecho caso al almirante Recarte, la Armada invencible habría vencido y, por ende, la historia del mundo en los siglos venideros hubiera sido otra.


    Es claro, por tanto, desde el punto de vista geopolítico: cuál es el camino a seguir para la defensa de Iberia y de los países latinoamericanos: la unión de todos ellos ante el mundo, pero desde un punto de vista económico y defensivo y no así desde un punto de vista imperialista o de conquista, si acaso, solo de los territorios de Texas, Florida y California…. Jajaja
    En cualquier caso, dichos territorios solo se recuperarían si se diera la condición de que se lograría tal hecho pacíficamente, sin violencia, sin empleo de las armas y sin que se derramara ninguna gota de sangre; es decir, con acuerdos y pactos.

  10. Never forget that the two responsible for the military intelligence that achieved the victory in Cartagena de indias: were both the Basque Blas de Lezo and the Basque-Navarrese Sebastian de Eslava Lazaga, viceroy of "Nueva Granada", who was born in the town of Eneriz o Eneritz, where all his family on the father's and mother's side were Basques and Basque speakers.

    By this I mean that the Basques and the Spaniards are twinned by history and even by the blood that runs through their veins, since the Basques are the genuine Iberians or aborigines of Iberia (a territory that includes all Spain and Portugal, as well as the south of France and part of Europe.).

    This time the king did not make a mistake in appointing his high military command, as he did with the "Invincible Armada", where Basque Admiral Juan Martinez de Recalde Larrinaga (the second most important of the expedition) who commanded a squadron of ships on the day of the defeat of the Invincible Armada (as well as the Basque Admiral Miguel de Oquendo who agreed with Admiral Recalde): warned the Admiral first in charge of the expedition that they should attack immediately upon reaching the English coast, since the weather and winds were favorable and also would not give them time to position themselves and disembark the entire English fleet; to which the Admiral in charge, the Duke of Medina Sidonia, replied that no because he had express orders from the King that they should first arrive to the Dutch coast (Netherlands) where soldiers of the infantry of the Spanish army belonging to the "Tercios de Flandes" were waiting for them to be picked up.

    It was later learned that if Admiral Recarte had been heeded, the Invincible Armada would have won and, therefore, the history of the world in the centuries to come would have been different.


    It is clear, therefore, from a geopolitical point of view: what is the path to follow for the defense of Iberia and Latin American countries: the union of all of them before the world, but from an economic and defensive point of view and not from an imperialist or conquest point of view, if only of the territories of Texas, Florida and California….. Hahaha

    In any case, these territories would only be recovered on the condition that this would be achieved peacefully, without violence, without the use of arms and without the shedding of any blood; that is to say, with agreements and pacts.

  11. 26000 English and Americans against 2400 Spanish And fail. Well, this is the history told by the pirates side, you should listen now the history by the Spanish that behold the order and the law.

  12. This video is awfully omitting the best of this battle. You mentioned the ladders but you did not mention how the Spanish infiltrated the British pretending to surrender but misinformed the British and how blas de lezo dig holes in front of the walls because he realized they measured the walls to create ladders. Those ladders proved short later to the surprise of the British, that were massacred with that simple wit. They also created intricated zig zag holes that made advancement really hard for the British

  13. To inspect Bitish ships becomes 'to harass' , nice distortion of language, poor British 'slave exporters'. The attack on Sicilian waters of Spanish ships at this time, without a warning, nor declaration of war was not 'harassing', was killing.

  14. Demand for reparations for an 'ear', or declaration of war. That must have been a very precious 'ear', if that were really the case. It sounds like the 'explosion' of the Maine in Cuba- proven now not to be caused by the metropoli. 'Hurt by privateering', the champions and promoters of privateering…are very sensitive all of a sudden. He does not mention the Bristish 'PROJECT' to dismember the Spanish nation in America, dated 1703.

  15. Total manipulation: 'image of a pirate possible comes from Blas de Lezo'. Blas de Lezo the antithesis of a pirate! Brigadier 'General Thomas Wentwort, a good officer that lacked commanding experience'…therefore no such a good officer, likely a bad one.

  16. Excuses about this terrible British defeat. Blas de Lezo defeated them with a very small number of troops, and not the season of 'disease'. Blas de Lezo, el vasco orgullo de Hispania perdio un brazo, la vista de un ojo, y una pierna combatiendo Inglaterra y sus aliados. Al final les hizo pagar muy caro, con inteligencia y valor, sus perdidas corporales. He behaved in the 18th century as a Hispanic man from the 16th.

  17. Actually, the Anglo-Spanish War isn't some all-out British Victory as most History textbooks make them out to be. The British succesfully defended their lands from the Spaniards, but failed in their attempt to set up colonies in South America and could not successfully take over Spanish colonies.

  18. Great video! But man, you missed a really cool story in the siege of St. Augustine. Oglethorpe's cannons were completely ineffective against the fort there, because it was built with a substance called coquina, which absorbs impacts and doesn't crumble. And a regiment of former African slaves fought alongside the Spanish and dealth Oglethorpe's highlanders a major defeat at Fort Mose, just north of the city. Really cool storylines.

  19. Solo hay un país q puede reclamar para si los valores como, No difamador, no miente, protector de derechos humanos, no hablar mal de sus enemigos, Honor, Valentía, arrojo,altruismo hacia el mundo, humildad, país de bien, Culto, país q transmite Civilización, intrépido, pro activo, ETC… ese país no es otro q España, SOLO ESPAÑA , GRECIA, ROMA, IMPERIO ESPAÑOL.

  20. This british armada (Two times the size of the "Armada Invencible") was defeated by 3000 españoles, upsss! But the reason was : ( choose the least painful one) malaria, global warming, putin ……

  21. Drake died in the 1597 Battle of San Juan. He was reported as died "Of a tropical disease" by the british. Yeah, cannonfire from tropical San Juan, Puerto Rico. Admiral Hemmings diedon that battle too and was buried at sea in front of San Juan. When Drake died from the wounds 10 days after the battle, they lied instead of admitting 2 of their greatest nave admirals died and lost an invasion of a Spanish City.

  22. Sorry, but the explanation of the battles around Cartagena is too short and inaccurate. Having much fewer soldiers than the British De Lezo put in place an endless inventory of strategies, tactics, measures and even tricks that in the end defeated the British invading troops. It was a so unexpected Spanish victory that the English were already minting commemorative medals and coins to celebrate their victory when they received the news of their humiliating defeat in hands of the great Blas De Lezo Admiral. The English King ordered the destruction of all the coins and medals, but to his misfortune, several of them were preserved. He also forbade historians to talk about this and that is the reason why this humiliating English defeat is so unknown to the English-speaking world.

  23. Am just here to read the childish comments about how great Spain is. Many are as equally daft as the the little Englanders who think everything is better and superior in England. Reminds me of the Daily Mail online comments section, on a story about Brexit.


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