Battle of Crete 1941 – World War II DOCUMENTARY

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Kings and Generals animated historical documentary series on the Battle of Greece continues a video on the Battle of Crete during World War II, as Germany, who took over Greece in 1941, is now looking to invade Crete using its paratrooper troops and don’t allow the Allies to use it as a naval and aerial base. Greek, British, Australian, and New Zealander troops led by Freyberg defend against the German and Italian troops of Student and Koch.

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The video was made by Leif Sick, while the script was developed by Ivan Moran. The video was narrated by Officially Devin ( &

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Comment (29)

  1. My granddad was one of Laycock's British commandos who covered the retreat off the island. He, like 3/4 of his unit, was left behind and captured by the Germans. Great to see the battle I've heard so much about being brought to life this way – brilliant video.

  2. If the 5th Division of the Cretan contingent was not pulled to the Greek Albanian borders to defend the country from the Italians under no circumstances Crete would be invaded. I would claim that the entire country would probably not. The effort wining against the Italians depleted the Greek Army tremendously.

  3. One detail , in that battle one of the paratroopers was the Max Schmeling
    Who was he , was professional boxer and won Joe Lewis, but he didn't have the chance for the world title
    After 1-2 years had a rematch with Joe Lewis , but he lost in the 1st round
    In the battle was injured in the hand , i don't remember in which ,
    I have show an interview who was talking
    about this incident , i think an old man shoot him
    He died about 100 years old

  4. surprised you didn't mention Generalleutnant Wilhelm Süssmann, commander of the 7. Flieger-Division (which was basically the Fallshirm division) being killed in action when his glider crashed in Aegina on his way there, command taken over by Alfred Sturm.

  5. In Sfakia there is a memorial placed by the New Zealand Army after WW2 to the local men and boys who were executed (no…murdered) by the Germans for assisting New Zealand and British troops to escape. I first saw it as a young backpacker in 1976 after I slept in the old ruins nearby and again in 2019 with my son and stepson when we took a rental car from Chania. I wanted them to see it too and they were as saddened and moved by it as I was. It remains well tended by Sfakians.

  6. I have to correct the part about the retribution measures.22:09 It had nothing to do with a "holocaust", nor even with war crimes either. You see, according to traditional Catholic moral theology, an occupier, someone who occupies your country, is from then on, the lawful authority, on your territory, which you have to obey. That means that civilian armed resistance against the occupier is a crime/sin. The lawful authority may punish crimes, and the partizans were seen, not as soldiers, but as criminals, fighting without a uniform and from within ambushes. So it was seen as terrorism, and not as normal warfare. They were civilians who were not supposed to mingle in battle, if they did want to mingle in battle, they should have put on uniforms, and be recognisable as fighters. The Germans were thinking, and acting in the same way as the Crusaders did, and they were used to this kind of morals. So the measures they took, after their victory, were classified by them as punishment of crime, nothing else.

  7. You must watch the documentary called '' The 11th day'' , it's a perspective from the the Greeks that suffered from this invasion. All tho you have a great video here it seems only taking account from a British point of view.

  8. One of my old clients I cared for that sadly passed on fought at Crete and was captured by the German forces. He was more willing to share stories with me because he new I was a ex-sailor in the royal Australian navy. He fought rommell in Africa and while he was a pow he escaped 8 times. On the 4th he made it to Turkey where he was hoping to be handed over to the British like his post war friend brigadier General Sandy Thomas but was handed over to the Germans. On the 8th escape he made it to Russia. The Russians thought he was a German because after years of internment. He could speak fluent German. It took him a while to convince the Russian mps that he was a aussie digger. They loved him after that and he again fought the Germans with the soviet force until the the soviet forces and us forces met. He approached the Yankee soilder and rhey flew back to englan in a us bomber and the crew let him fire every gun on the plane. I don't think I ever meet such a character again.


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