Battle of Frigidus 394 – End of the Pagan Rome DOCUMENTARY

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The second season of the Kings and Generals animated historical animated documentary series on the history of Rome and the Roman Empire continues with the aftermath of the battle of Adrianople of 378 ( The Germanic incursions were on the rise, but Rome was also suffering from internal problems. During the reign of Theodosius I the Great, the question of Christianity came to a head once again, leading to another civil war and the battle of Frigidus of 394 which ended the Pagan Rome.

Crisis of the Third Century of the Roman Empire:
Roman Army during the Crisis of the Third Century:
Battle of Abritus 251:
Battle of the Milvian Bridge:
Julian: Rise of the Last Pagan Emperor of Rome:
How Julian Became Known as Apostate:
Battle of the Catalaunian Fields:
Marcus Aurelius:
Origins of the Germanic Tribes:
History of Rome:

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The video was made by MalayArcher ( while the script was researched and written by Matt Hollis. This video was narrated by Officially Devin ( The art was created by Nergiz Isaeva. Machinimas made using Total War: Rome 2 and Attila

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  1. God bless Theodocious, the Catholic Church and the Kingdom of Jesus Christ for these historical moments for Christendom!

  2. This video was all in all super well done, as usual, but i feel like the part where maxiumus just randomly crowns himself augustus and straight up merks gratian was a little "skipped over," to say the very least. This is a huge development with absolutely radical implications for the contemporary moment and for the echoes of history itself and i feel like was due a little bit more context and explanation.

  3. This happened in today's western Slovenia, Vipava valley where its still a very windy place. I actually served military there and in the winter when the wind was the strongest we had to put a rope from one barracks to another to cross it safely.

  4. With Theodosius the Great the Roman Empire was unified for the last time and it had the last of the great emperors of all time!

  5. I started off liking Theodosius but realized he’s also the same Emperor who willfully erased centuries of tradition and culture.

  6. 6:50 the Comes Britanniarum Magnus Maximus, selfproclaimed emperor and quite a troublemaker.
    Was he the one they called "Maximus Upinuranus"?

  7. Its interesting how Theodosius who was pretty reliant on external support and made the empire lose its structural integrity is given the magnus moniker while Julian who was pretty competent is condemned. When fanaticism overtakes capability, rome deserved to fall.

  8. There was no "Catholic Church" as we know it today. The Church ONE at the time! Orthodox and Catholic.

  9. At what point do people stop wanting to be emperor – I mean when's the last time one of them died from old age?

  10. Fritigern died in 380 AD. Theodosius recognized that they didn’t have any notable leaders when they cornered them in Thrace so they were nominally incorporated into the empire. Not to mention that in 381 AD he graciously accepted Athanaric (a gothic pagan leader who was king of all the Visigoths) into Constantinople where he later died unexpectedly and held a Roman funeral for him as part of trying to make peace with the goths but also showing respect for it.

  11. Christian fanatic Theodosius became emperor when the Roman Empire was at its lowest. He rebuilt the army, defeated his enemies and executed traitors and on top of that fought with ferocity for God and the Holy Catholic Church

    If anything, he was one of the best emperors the Roman Empire has ever had.

  12. Theodosius is often accused of being a fanatic and an incompetent for his successors, but i think we should see him in another light:
    1) Exactly because the empire was suffering, unity was needed. Religious differences could had lead to rebellions and balkanization. Not to mention that around half of the german invaders were christians, althought heretic. They would could had been much more destructive against an "heathen" empire
    2)The invasion of the first barbarians started in 378. When he took power they were already inside, and so choose to hire them and put one tribe against another in various battle, with the goal of gradually weakening them and reducing their numbers. It was a good strategy that failed just because his successors alienated Alaric too soon, while the Visigoths were still strong
    3)He was accused of relying too much on barbarian soldiers, but Eugenius and other usurpers did the exact same thing. One could tell Eugenius was de facto a Frakish puppet, given he was supported by a very powerfull general of Frankish origin
    4)He died young while his childrens were still kids. He had no way to know they would had groon into bad emperors. But he did left them with a lot of efficent liutenants and protectors, like Stilicho

  13. You cover early Roman empire period too much. I think Early Roman republic or Late roman empire periods deserve more attention. Thank you for listening to the fans


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