Battle of Jena-Auerstedt 1806: Napoleon Smashes Prussia

Fresh from his great victory at Austerlitz, Napoleon’s next campaign saw him take on Prussia in the autumn of 1806. Prussia’s army had been feared throughout Europe since the days of Frederick the Great, but in just 5 weeks of ‘Napoleonic Blitzkrieg’, the French Emperor showed that those days were long gone.

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Jena 1806
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Comment (46)

  1. Great video!
    Part of me would like background on population levels at the time: to give context to the army sizes.

  2. Watching all of these episodes about these Napoleonic years and learning of things i knew not i am now convinced fate
    really does exist and that nothing fatal will happen to you until your fate is fulfilled then when it's protection is gone you're on
    your own

  3. Inner Germany is not the ideal geographic location to defend. No forest River or mountains. Foreign powers in every direction

  4. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  5. Even after 3 years I still come back watching this video getting goosebumps when seeing Davout's army about to fight the Prussian army and singlehandedly destroy it

  6. While Davout’s leadership was undoubtedly excellent, the French victory at Auerstadt was just as much a result of Prussian incompetence as French Brilliance.

    The Prussians would staff multiple men to the same position causing confusion, delays, and slow progress. Because they attacked in three separate waves, the French were actually able to outnumber them in their engagements and defeat them in detail.

  7. So that’s why when I was playing napoleonic wars the battle of jena i cannot see any of the Prussian and then there is a lot of Prussian foot guards is very hard to kill

  8. Louise: Napoleon promised to give Hannover to us, but then offered it to the British. We must go to war
    Frederick Wilhelm: what is it with you and going to war?
    Louise: want is it with you and being a cupcake?! Go to war!
    Frederick Wilhelm: ok

  9. Im discussing history with my father and his girlfriend, and he later says ‘all the French do is throw their hands up and surrender’ I am sitting here laughing as I’ve had 3 months to study all this history, while he’s had 50 years and still doesn’t know that France has the MOST battles and wars won in history, do not let those stupid world wars judge this great country.
    Vive la France.

  10. Well we can say we are both fair
    France won in 1806 and WW1
    Germany won in 1870 and WW2 (1940 Battle not the war itself of course I'm talking about France vs Germany here..)

  11. These are the types of videos I expect out of the History Channel (when it wasn't aliens and mountain men) keep it up!


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