Battle of Nagashino 1575 – Oda Nobunaga DOCUMENTARY

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Kings and Generals animated historical documentary series will focus on the history of Japan continues with another episode on Oda Nobunaga. In the aftermath of the battles of Okehazama and Nagashima ( , the unifier of Japan is continuing fighting his enemies, leading to the decisive battle of Nagashino in 1575. Unfortunately for Nobunaga, his conquest is followed by a betrayal at Honnoji in 1582.

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The video was made by MalayArcher ( while the script was researched and written by Dimitris Koutsoumis. This video was narrated by Officially Devin ( The art was created by
Robbie McSweeney. Machinimas made using Total War: Shogun 2 engine, Shogun 2 10th anniversary mod and reShade mod

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  1. In 1221, Merv opened its gates to Tolui, son of Genghis Khan, chief of the Mongols. Most of the inhabitants are said to have been butchered. Arab historian Ibn al-Athir described the event basing his report on the narrative of Merv refugees:

    Genghis Khan sat on a golden throne and ordered the troops who had been seized should be brought before him. When they were in front of him, they were executed and the people looked on and wept. When it came to the common people, they separated men, women, children and possessions. It was a memorable day for shrieking and weeping and wailing. They took the wealthy people and beat them and tortured them with all sorts of cruelties in the search for wealth … Then they set fire to the city and burned the tomb of Sultan Sanjar and dug up his grave looking for money. They said, 'These people have resisted us' so they killed them all. Then Genghis Khan ordered that the dead should be counted and there were around 700,000 corpses.[7]

    Almost the entire population of Merv, and refugees arriving from the other parts of the Khwarazmian Empire, were slaughtered, making it one of the bloodiest captures of a city in world history

  2. What was more likely was by calling him a beast the lord was just displaying a very common racist viewpoint, or as more often portrayed of the Japanese, a xenophobic mentality. Racism isn't exactly a rare phenomenon in Japanese history.

  3. When a priest asked them how they would make a bird sing? Nobunaga replied, “If the bird will not sing, I will kill it;” Hideyoshi replied, “If the bird will not sing, I will make it want to sing;” and Ieyasu said, “If the bird will not sing, I will wait for it to sing.”

  4. ODA NOBUNAGA… is to UNIFY THE SAMURAI WARLORDS under a CENTRAL AUTHORITY to control never ending conflicts and unify japan… where softness good image are LUXURIES in effectively handling the world of samurai warlords…

  5. In those days, Buddhists, like Enryakuji Temple on Mt. Hiei, had great political power based on their religious background and were as strong or stronger than other warlords.
    They were as powerful as or more powerful than other warlords in the warring states. They also hindered the unification of the country by staging revolts in various regions to oppose the daimyo, as in the case of the Jodo Shin sect.
    In response to the Buddhist forces that tried to intervene in the administration of the country based on "the principles of Shintoism and Buddhism," Oda thoroughly attacked and destroyed them and brought them to their knees.
    He managed to defeat the Buddhists by burning down an entire mountain of temples and shrines and killing all the monks and other fleeing men and women, at great cost to his allies, including the loss of his younger brother.
    This was an outrageous act even according to the values of the time, but in a world of disorder and warfare, He achieved it by force.
    Oda Nobunaga must have been a very unconventional man.

  6. The advantage of Nobunaga's army was that it was a military – specialized army .
    Until now , many soldiers were farmers , who had go back to home to harvest rice in the fall .
    Nobunaga created commercial city and got taxes from it . The taxes allowed soldiers to work all year round and could buy many guns .

  7. Oda Nobunaga was sometimes surprisingly tricky in battle, but Toyotomi Hideyoshi basically brought his enemies to their knees with ease.
    This is partly because Nobunaga had laid the foundation for the unification of Japan, but hideyoshi was probably a true war genius.
    That's why his dementia in his later years was such a waste.

  8. Some people say that unification of Japan is like making mochi. Oda bought the ingredients and mixed it, Hideyoshi kneaded the ingredients and cooked it, while Tokugawa sat and ate it. It's crazy to think what could've happened if Nobunaga survived and how different Japan would be under his rule instead of Hideyoshi/Tokugawa. Isolation period may not happened due to Nobunaga's penchant towards nanban and foreign culture.

  9. Such a famous battle I am so happy Kings and Generals put this one out now I can binge the Oda Nobunaga videos at length.

  10. Tire was a Chad and somehow I’m related to him by my grandpa don’t know how because my Asian heritage is almost non existent besides my uncle who looks Asian

  11. Throughout History Island nations have massive and bloody Conflict, civil war, Kingdom wars and warlords. Such as Great Britain, Italy Japan and Indonesia. But Philippines in the other hand have Zero history of Bloody war because the island is separated with each other, more than 80 Miles at some point, and tribes and settlement lived in Isolation for hundred of years, until Spain united all of them under the kingdom of Spain.


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