Battle of Zusmarshausen 1648 – Thirty Years’ War DOCUMENTARY

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Our animated historical documentary series on the Thirty Years’ War continues with the aftermath of the battles of Brunn and Nordlingen, as the French and Swedes do their best to break the Habsburg-Bavarian alliance. Ottoman sultan joins in the fun and the campaign in Bavaria culminates at the battles of Zusmarshausen and 2nd Rain in 1648.

Previous videos in our series on the 30 Years’ War:

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This video was narrated by Officially Devin ( &

Machinimas were made on Total War: Empire engine by Malay Archer (

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  1. Friend of the show historian Zachary Twamley just released a book on the 30 Years' War and it is highly recommend if you want to dive deep into the events:

    "And then the Ottoman sultan basically saved the Habsburg monarchy" sounds unbelievable, and yet… Thing is, unlike other channels, we don't use clickbait titles – we only rely on our dear viewers to share the videos as much as possible. Really tried to end the series on episode #9, but there were too many interesting events.
    Previous videos in our series on the 30 Years' War:

  2. I have watched the whole series, not once, not twice, but 4x. Thirty years' war was always a mess for me, despite I like history. Thanks to your series, I finally understand it on a basic level so that I can speak about it to others and explain it to them. It always brings me joy to know something new and to understand it. Your videos are great in this. Easy to understand both on global political level and the battles. I really love the graphics, music and the voice, I see nothing to improve. If only young pupils could watch Kings and Generals during history lessons at schools, people would like and understand history much more. Greetings from Prague.

  3. The empire lost its most capable commander like Tilly and Mercy had they werent killed 30 years war would probably play significantly different

  4. It's fun to learn more about a swedish commander as wrangel as I have been at his family castle at Skokloster (shoe monastery) castle and partly grew up in the area

  5. Perhaps I wouldn’t make a good king/general or perhaps it would make me an even better one…but every time I watch one of these videos, (which are absolutely amazing, thanks so much!), all I can think abt is that each of the little squares in each of the countless battles, is made up by anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand individuals. Men, who have families and lives. The IMMEASURABLE number of massive armies that are gathered, formed & used to gain lands or riches from one nation all meant to enrich the leaders of the attacking nation. So many lives lost, so much blood…all for what? Glory and/or enrichment of greedy kings. It’s breaks my heart to imagine all those families destroyed.

  6. These religious wars started in ireland under the tudors.the basstard queen & her henchman Cecil been the main antagonists the war continued with the lord protector Oliver Cromwell, who butchered his way through Ireland.the country in the 16th & 17th centuries lost at least two fifths of its population. Elizabeth 1 & Cromwell left a legacy of misery on my country ,which were still paying for today.

  7. Imagine the guts to name a country “Sexony” (I know, it’s spelled differently).

    Reminds me of Blowjobia and the German city of Kunnilingen.

  8. How is an economic powerhouse of it's time (Augsburg) smaller on that map than Munich and Überlingen of all towns? 😛
    Btw: I was just thinking how nice a video about the Battle on the Lechfeld (Lechfield) would be!

  9. Spaniards to ask for help in 1648? To whom…? God only… Otherwise everybody would ask Spain for help…

  10. Imma be honest, I finished this series so fast, and it's mainly because of Devin. He's just so perfectly suited to narration.

  11. I wondered what would’ve happened if a more stabled Ottoman Empire destroyed the Austrians during this time?

    Would we see a longer lived Ottoman Empire or will the Christian states push them back all the same?

  12. I've seen maybe a hundred battle videos from different channels over the years, often discussing idiot commanders. However This Gronsfeld dude surpassed every new level of low, to such an extent there are no words to describe the kind of man he was. He wasn't just incompetent but also a major coward.

  13. The poor people stuck in the middle . "Who is in charge of the town this week? " "I do not know, but whoever it is they are burning everything again."

  14. I've watched this series three times and can't understand why so few people have watched it. It's a true masterpiece. People are weird.

  15. Protestants: *Is about to Besiege Vienna*

    Ottoman Empire: **Declares war on Venice Inadvertently helping the

    The Habsburgs: What can i say except You're Welcome?

  16. I hereby move to rename the Thirty Years’ War to the Thirty Years’ Wars. Between the Bohemian/Protestant revolt, the Danish intervention, the Swedish intervention, the French invasions, and now the Franco-Swedish alliance, I count at least four separate wars here that all just kind of…blend into each other. That’s not even including the Spanish, Dutch, and Transylvanians/Ottomans, who all had their fingers in the pot as well.

    What a mess

  17. So much historical significance in this video, but honestly Dinkelsbuhl might be the most hilarious name for a town I've ever heard.

  18. Kings and Generals, how did they supply the Army's during the 30 years war? Because Sun-Tzu Art of War says not to keep army's in the field nearly this long. And it's not like people were fed the 4 food groups then either. How do you feed an army so far away from home base without air drops? And remember you had to fed the horses as well. That would be an excellent new documentary.

  19. Seems that humanity will never learn its lesson because here we are now, Russia invading the Ukraine 🇺🇦. Wars happen, just as this one, for power and ego.

  20. I really like your use of maps to show the strategical situation. You also give good insight on the major strongholds on the frontiers or elsewhere – even the tiny ones like Amberg, Bavarias main base in the Upper Palatinate. Thumbs up to the attention on detail! Still, there are minor errors or "oversights" 😉 Strasbourg was actually neutral and unoccupied, France had captured Thionville in 1643, the Bavarians retained Freiburg in 1644 and Trier was occupied by Spain from 1635 to late 1645 (Turenne captured it on his retreat). Also the Imperials still held Budweis and Pilsen in Bohemia following the Battle of Jankau. Pilsen even had a fascinating commander, born as "Jan van der Croon", after former Spanish service he was known as "Johann de la Corona". "Commander Corona" rose from a commoner and pikeman to regiment owner and later to general and baron. But those details are rather negligible given your awesome content 🙂


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