Battles of Utica and Bagradas 49 BC – Caesar’s Civil War DOCUMENTARY

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Kings and Generals’ historical animated documentary series on the Great Roman Civil War (Caesar’s Civil War) continues with a video on the battles of Utica and Bagradas. As Caesar attacks Pompey’s captains in the west, leading to the battle of Ilerda, his own subordinate Curio attempts to take over the province of Africa defended by Varus and Pompey’s ally – the king of Numidia Juba I. The campaign culminates at the battles of Utica and Bagradas in 49 BC.

Beginning of the battle of Ilerda and the siege of Massilia:
Battles of Ilerda and Massilia:
Why Caesar’s Civil War happened:
Previous episode on Caesar’s conquest of Gaul:
Roman Politics before Caesar – conflict between Marius and Sulla:
Evolution of the Roman Armies:
Roman history:

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The video was made by our friend MalayArcher ( using the ROME II HD Project mod, while the script was researched and written by Peter Voller. This video was narrated by Officially Devin ( &

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Comment (45)

  1. Wait a second. Did I just watch a battle where NUMEDIAN cavalry was bested by ROMAN cavalry??? What sort of weird alternate reality have I stumbled into???

  2. After reading CAESAR (Colleen McCullough) in which Curio is a fairly important character, I actually teared up when he died in this video. He was always my favorite.

  3. I was also one of the viewers cheering for Curio, his initial actions were very impressive, especially when he gave a speech to calm the minds of his troops, and dealt a great defeat to Varus.If only Curio had to face shame atleast just this once, saved himself, and learnt from it he could have probably challenged the second triumvirate, and even proved to be an more troublesome opponent to Octavian. It shows he is willing to prove himself, what if he had that flame of redemption in his heart after one mistake, he could probably changed the history of the entire Roman world, that fact that he did not shows why our history is the way it were, but it's really a great thought to give, what if?

  4. Steam platform totally SUCKS!..It took my pc a whole day just to load..and then once finished? would'nt even work and I had to un-install it!….awesome video-however! 🙂

  5. I'm tired of the knife commercial!!! Any knife cherry red can cut through a rubber ball, a soda bottle, or a taunt trampoline!! How about after the knife cools off cut a tomato then? Without sharpening or a break in the video?

  6. North Africa was a major supplier of grain? What was the climate there then?? It would had to of been cooler for the wheat to survive. COLDER!! COOLER!!!! Glaciers are melting, lakes/oceans levels are lowering, and yet we don't have excessive cloud cover. So where's the water gone? It can't disappear. It just changes form. The only thing that can be something then nothing is your bank account! Lol If you look you can see the BS we are getting spoon fed daily. Oh, by the way. Contrails don't stretch horizon to horizon in Australia. If a planes an inch the trails are gone in 6 inches.

  7. I cant get over how good this channel is. I'm no history buff, but I'm hooked, this is so well made. It's really cool how you can see the troops maneuvering around the field.

  8. At least after he realizing he has been lured into a trap, he decided to fight to the death so he wouldn't face Caesar after this fiasco. He died a true warrior's death 👊🏾✊🏾

  9. 11:00 Curio did the right thing here but how did his "more experienced" legates think attacking a fortified camp or retreating were the right options with a possible threat of desertions. Both would have increased the likelihood of desertions in my opinion.

  10. When Roman catholic church does not go back to its ethical strength before Vaticanum II. Germany must found an own hirarchical church to push out aggressiv forein interest, what is much more important then right or left parties.
    I think the problem is that the Greece orthodox church fakes loyality to Rome.
    Either the orthodox church must be pushed out of Roman Catholic Church or we must found an own hirarchical German Church.
    I think the same problem was main reason of founding Anglican Church. For the Roman Catholic Church has juristical very interesting institutes. But under such aspects these institutes become secondary relevant.
    A processual copy of Anglican Church would be perfect and also a good-relation link. We must lock to our tribal ancestors in Northern Europe an Britain.

  11. let me clarify some points :
    1) mauretania was far in the west ,what is nowdays algeria was called numidia untill after the battle of thpsus and the mauritanian betrayal & the suicide comminted by juba left numidia to be devided in 46BC however maritanian king fled numidia in 44Bc when arabion son of massinissa II came back from spain with numidian forces so the map should be rectified
    2) the story here is based on caesarian narrative , history tought us roman cavalery wasn't that strong & never withstood numidian cavalry and you can recheck the second punic war so attempts to portryi numidians as useless is meant for to limit impact of the defeat & smear numidian skills
    3) numidian cavalry was efficient as skirmishing tool & melee fighting let's not forget when they saved scipio's ass in zama by annihilating hannibal's center , or naravas with only 2000 numidians helped a desintegrated carthage quell the mercenary revolt in 240BC
    4) the presence of gallic or spanic heavy cavalry is based on narratives but earth excavation showed those were heavy numidians cavalry & infatry established by massinissa

  12. So Curio didn't believe reports from his own scouts about Juba approaching with his army until further reports were received confirming it, but he instantly believed reports from supposed deserters from Juba's army?? Ego is such a drag.

  13. Curio was a good example of a potentially great Late Roman Republican leader. Like Caesar, he was a populares, wealthy and charismatic but unlike Gaius he was wobbly on his personal and political commitments. That’s why Cicero, amongst others, never took him as seriously as they did the great General.


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