Be Careful of What Others are Depositing Into Your Mind

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Comment (41)

  1. That's way I try to stay to myself on job because it so much wickedness of profanity, drugs, gossip, homosexual, etc. I have stay prayerful. Certain things I have to be careful watch movies,etc. 📖🙏🏾👑

  2. Amen. Our people are the worst of hatred to another brother or sister. On my job, all I hear fight from Facebook or video the fight,etc📖🙏🏾👑

  3. The medias are infamous for depositing garbage in people. Mind even when they not looking for it they place. All types of garbage in the news feeds or the websites or channels you searching.

  4. Aye, this was right on time! I thank Yah for this conformation. And I think the game Watchman could have been thinking of is FORTNIGHT? Open Writers are THE BEST and I Barak Yahuah for them😭 Great message, All Esteem To the Master!

  5. I am only halfway through this video. This is the FIRST video I have ever seen from the two of you and I LOVE YOU TWO❗I don't watch or listen to too many people in this walk at all because I can tell when it is full truth and when it is not. All praises to The Most High that I have found you, this anointed beautiful couple to follow 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  6. Shalom family, I just heard about the accident that you two were in, I praise Yah for protecting you. What the enemy meant for your bad Yah said that He will turn it around and use it for your good. I pray that the other person that was involved that Yah will have mercy on them and bring them out alright, in Yahusha's name, Halleluyah!. Love you all. Continue to teach the word of Yah. SHALOM.

  7. I believe all instrumentals are a spell that opens the mind. Not that instrumentals are bad but when certain rhythm start it can be hard to keep still. Sometimes it can be as small as tapping your fingers. The sound is an opening spell, once that sound catches you it makes it easier to for sorcer to insert another sound in the form of words with meaning. The instrumentals unlocks and doors and fortifications you might put up.

  8. The Holy Spirit is our guide to truth, through Him we know what’s truth when we hear it. No one has the monopoly of truth, we know a little, and prophesy a little. Don’t be dismissive of other Israelites because they say something that Holy Spirit revealed to them that you don’t know. If you are truly led by the Spirit of the Most High God, you’ll ask his spirit if what you heard is truth.

  9. These other gentiles despise me as I do not relate that I am a christain but I worship YAHUA and YAHUSHA and tell me I am not saved and going to hell . Now what gives them the authority when they can't even understand simple scriptures , Nor follow the Mizvots of YAH . They need to get themselves in order and leave YAHUA people alone .

  10. Hello, I have just recently join your group, and your teaching and understanding of the word is awsome. I have studied this truth for a while with the help of the Holy spirit. Just ordered the cephar Bible also, I believe the older the better and the closer you can stay to the truth.

  11. I am a teacher and women of GOD, I have taught some of this truth in ministry where i could. So now I teach those whom want to hear or know.

  12. At least you have each other. I live in the UK and have no physical support from no one.

    Can I say, that tree in the back looks familiar to those who use the tree of life to form a cult. I’m only mentioning because I nearly got caught up with that in and around 2018. I had to pull out when the Ruach convicted me to research into what the pagans use it for. If I’m wrong, could you help me to understand otherwise please.

    😭😭😭 so true about the belly. When this happens to me, I get so swollen and uncomfortable. I end up drinking hot water or vomiting to make myself feel better to get rid of the discomfort. This is so real folks. I’m married with 4 souls from 40, 26, 21 to going on 19. Two of each. 😭😭😭 you are speaking about me. I’m partially disabled and reliant but struggling because of my struggles to continue to get out of this world and fully step into The Holy Land in the assembly. I’m 58 on the path all on my own. I’m a mockery to my family. I’m not going to lie, I have also falling at times when I can’t take no more. It’s hard when you rely on them for help. I’m no longer a good example to the fullness. I’m trying really hard to hold on. I don’t want to be amongst the elect. Actually, watching your channel is giving me hope to carry on when times get rough. My peoples who are helping me to hold on and not to give up the good fight. I have all the scriptural books with Yah’s Name. Yes, Psalms 23 is a serious antidote for real. Can’t get through the day without it. Love you two so much. I which I could be around you both if I could’ve been an assistant. Thank you for spending your time with me. Shalom

  13. I’m new to the truth, i have came across these camps that believe in the 12 chart. Do you have a video or references of why you don’t believe in the chart?? I really want to learn the truth! Thank you


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