Be encouraged! The commandment of Yah is to be Be strong and of a good courage

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  1. Great Lesson brother Yahu, The song is Encourage yourself By Donald Lawrence and the Tri-City singers. When I was in the choir we would sing this song a lot. HalleuYAH!!!!!

  2. What we all to remember is, this thing is about season, those whom will be awakened will be in their season, until they are, they will be under the influence of the spirit of this world. They are your enemy and they will think you're crazy. Remember also that 2/3 of the people aren't going to get this message anyway. Please don't stress out because you cannot go to the King unless you're summoned. Just like Yah called you, He has to call them out of Darkness too.

  3. I have a question, brother Yisrael. Traditionally, what does your faith say about polygamy! And does your faith still practice polygamy according to today's standards?

  4. Shalom Brother Yahu… I have a question… what if you live with your children and they act like they won't hear it at all? Do you stay and wait patiently, or do you leave?

  5. Brother Watchman,
    I really appreciate hearing this today. I been going through a lot of things lately. I really needed to hear this lesson today.

  6. I really don't understand you People when you said it is hard on me, because of my family.
    It would be nice if your family is with you, But your family is nothing compared to Yah. I would rather have my family angry at me than Yah. You family in this world have the right
    to believe what they want. This is a time in this world when every Black person should be walking on cloud nine. You give them the opportunity to make a choice. It may not be the choice you like. But leave them alone. Move on. Stop trying to bring Satan with you.

  7. 1 Love

    I, Zaphenath Paaeah a Servent of the King Christ say to All,

    this Brother the Watchman Reports

    Chirst have moved him throw Holy Spirit to

    Encourage not only Himself but the Body of Christ as well

    for the Body is one Body(1Cor 12:12-18),

    the Eye(Christians), Ear(Hebrew Israelites) the Foot(Muslims) and the Hand(Jews)

    All who Believe in Christ the Messiah(John 3:15)

    so the Encouragment is not for some but for All who Believes!!!

  8. brother yahu…. I promise this was needed. .. all the thoughts you talked about you used to think. .. mannnn … were they right on point… thank you so much for this message .. #HALLELUYAH

  9. Thank you so much for your service in the Most High YAH. The name YAH is TRUTH,TRUTH is Bound with LOVE and MERCY and is the way and the life of YAH. Glory and Honour in LOVE and Thank-giving too one name,through one name in one name as one name is in me YAH Amen Amen Amen Thank you ABBA YAH for I AM nothing as you Most High YAH was,is and always will be ALL thing's HallaluYAH Amen Amen Amen.

    Thank you…. May ABBA YAH bless you and your family in the Comforting spirit,the Quickening spirit the Mantle of the Holy Spirit that is LOVE,MERCY and TRUTH Amen Amen Amen.

    Thank you for your patience. Much LOVE 1 John 4:8,19 Glory to God Almighty the Most High YAH Amen who's image is LOVE. ;))) Praise YAH for ears that hear,eyes that see and hearts that feel and perceive the Kingdom of YAH Amen Amen Amen.

    Praise YAH for you brother in the One true Father YAH,i pray your name is written in the book of remembrance HallaluYAH Amen.

    There are some that are fire brands plucked from the fire. Who will remove them from the hands of YAH??? PEACE / Shalom Brother in LOVE,Glory to God Almighty the Most High YAH Amen Amen Amen.

  10. I sure need encouragement and my bro's and sister's ..
    like is it true that we will be out of bondage in 3 more years?

    The word says we know not the day or the hour and Yahshua will come like a THEIF in the night.

    I deal with being a single parent,loneliness,past abuse,feeling worthless most of all not having a physical male head of my household some women have that and can't think of life any other way.

    Lastly I was in the Jehovah Witness/ Watchtower CULT I was born into it and one of their members molested me.I know others may have it much worse but believe my story doesn't make my life any easier.

    Shalom family! and may our paradise come right on time.

  11. I really needed to see this video.. todah again and again for taking the time to make an encouraging video like this….this is my second year…and I came into the truth threw y'all teaching and I will not give up on my wife..I will continue to give it to her piece by piece.. pressure makes diamonds

  12. Tudah for this message because I have beat people down with the word. so I repent of this day. Yah forgive me for being a stumbling block. And I ask everyone I was overwhelming to forgive me please thanks.

  13. I needed to hear this today. I'm late at a new job and I was feeling down but this was a picker upper. HalleluYAH

  14. My goodness, I just found out that there are white people, who use the name Yahuah and teach that the true hebrew israelites were thoroughbred white people. Others (blacks), who use the name Yahuah teach, that Germany used to be a black civilisation before the Nazis.
    The wild stories that are being told seem endless.
    I live in Germany. Knowing that this nonsense is around I should probably not use the name publically, lest people will associate me with these lies.
    My goodness. Abba Yah, keep me in the truth! It's defintely a narrow path.

  15. before i sleep i got to hear one of your videos…..Thank you and your family for all that you do🏆

  16. Thank you Elder Yahu and lovely Queen Deborah Yah for your teaching and faithfulness to Yashuah Maschiach People. Shalom

  17. Shalom brother Watchman!! This was a RIGHT NOW MSG!! Thank you for your Encouragement…😀 YAHS SHALOM…💞

  18. Thank you for this message. I have been through everything you spoke on and still going through some things. But my family is a little different. They over the past 2 years a lot of them receive the name now APTTMHG, but many still don't follow right. Like we are having hard time getting rid of some of the pagan holidays and just the way we are supposed to carry ourselves as a nation. They say they receive what the MOST HIGH Yah says, but then they go right back to the jc teaching that Yahusha is not worrying about all the worldly things we do like eating the wrong foods, being immodest, and just a lot of sin. What seeds can i plant to help them to see that yes we have grace, but we still have to keep the commandments to the best of our ability? Any help is appreciated.

  19. Being a believers always receive persecution our blood anyone but be strong and brave we racing fight a good fight of faith. At the end has victory that is HEAVEN.


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