Be strong: Time to fight back

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Comment (26)

  1. It been time to fight back, especially with the power of the most high YA backing us. YA has been waiting on us to find the courage to move forward.

  2. HELP! I may have misunderstood. What date is our fast ending please? Is it on the morning of Monday 8th March.

  3. I AM STRONG!!!! I was swinging my sword with flames in agreement with you Bro Watchman. Overwhelming victory IS ours in the mighty name of Yahuah through His son Yahshuah!!!!! HalleluYah!

  4. All Praises to the Most High GOD!!!! Through YAHUAH and his son YASHUA, I am strong and We are strong! Israel!! We are more than conquerors!!! WORD! YAHUAH!!! Eternal and Everlasting FACTS!!! Shabbat Shalom!!!

  5. The beginning of the movie Shocker Zulu they told us that they was put in exile out of Britain they went into North Africa .

  6. You gave me confirmation when you said if they find you weak they keep picking at you! I am not weak I just didn’t want hurt nobody!

  7. Shalom and blessings to you all!
    Please please If I may make a request when the man is speaking when his voice becomes so loud I takes away from the delivery from us watching the audio is like being yelled and I REPEAT AS IF TO BE YELLED AT. I understand that you are just passionate but listen to it over and over hearing how the tone delivered can sound screechy whiny Pitchy Yeley. It just becomes annoying It’s Not the message but the tone while your yelling! you don’t have to yell at us in order to get your point across and it hurts our ears. Also take some breaths in between pause for a second before you keep running on and on and on take time to breathe pause for a minute you need a Director😌 And the ears of the people who are listening with me also agree how it hits our ears and the pitch you become pitchy it’s like someone playing music and the pitch is off you don’t want to hear it’s like a bad radio bad speakers. It’s because you’re yelling and I just hope you would practice listening to yourself and how you can deliver your message without yelling because you have you don’t have enough bass in your voice. I don’t know how any other way to tell you but I have to turn my TV down OH then when your lady is speaking she’s so humble and you know her voice is calm I can hear her but when you start yelling or U2 are on together and she’ll say something and then you’ll step in your Microphone is way turned up louder than hers I don’t know why but yours is extremely loud. If I was a producer I would fix it but you yell too much sir you yell too much it’s it’s like I’m being fussed at. Please please pull it in and your voice is whiny oh my goodness i’m just telling the truth your voice is annoying when you’re yelling it’s the worst tone pull it in and you just go on and on and on once you get started yelling. Forgive me if this comes across as negative it’s not meant to be it’s just your messages too important to not be heard and I can imagine people probably turn it off because of your tone and yelling at the annoying pitch when you yell . Oh my god you’re still yelling but I love your message but I hate your pitchy yelling voice 😔

  8. This has been the best message delivered to me through you from Ahayah himself to date!!! Do you know that a few years ago when I was transitioning away from the church that I literally battled a bronze image of Baal IN MY SLEEP for 3 nights, and during the days I was literally a nervous paranoid wreck from lack of sleep and feeling like spirits were attacking me!!! Thank you Yah for the vessel you have in Mr. Yahu! I always knew it was spiritual warfare., just don’t know the significance of the 3 days.

  9. You mentioned you had to fight first for the ruach before fighting your enemies. Do I need to have the ruach first?

  10. Glad to see the revolutionary in Yah’s ppl finally being highlighted. Too many blacks Hebrew teachers still stuck in the Christianity mindset of meekly offering your necks to your enemies. The Old Testament is revolutionary. The book of Enoch is revolutionary. The book of Jasher is revolutionary.

    NOW we need to support the revolutionary Black militia – NFAC’s leader John Johnson proclaims the name of Yahweh and understands who Yah’s true ppl are.


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