Beautiful Qodesh Events Aerial & Ground Views of Celebration & Baptisms of Guest

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  1. HalleluYah very beautiful and soul touching. Todah YAH for blessing this day and the souls that were saved in Yahusha's name.

  2. Hi family I was wondering if the song playing in the video on YouTube? I would love to hear the whole song. The lyrics and the voice is so beautiful.

  3. I'm struggling to get my mom to change her ways n I want to live in one of these places how can I do that r there brothers n sisters in Fresno CA

  4. It was Divine Intervention in my life. At last, in His own time YAHUAH brought me in the right place. It is not too long now. Our Congregation name 'Hebrews India". We follow the Torah n observe Shabbat according to the moon. I love to see these videos since they give me deeper insight into the Torah. Do keep our Congregation in prayer. Ppl are calling us mad but after all, what YAHUAH says matters.
    Lv u Bro n Sis Deborah in YAHUSHA


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