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Behind Bars Season 2 – Episode 2: South Cotabato Jail, Philippines | Prison Documentary

Behind Bars – Antananarivo Prison, Madagascar:

Note: This is a reupload. Due to the episode’s subject matter we had to make some adjustments to make the video available on YouTube.

Behind Bars: South Cotabato Jail. One of the most overcrowded prisons in the world. Murderers, rapists, and drug dealers. The guilty and the innocent. All are behind bars together. In a jail designed for 600 prisoners, more than 2000 inmates are crammed into cells the size of shoe boxes. The prison is bursting at the seems, and there is no hope of improvement. For the inmates have not even been convicted. Thanks to President Duterte’s war on drugs, the Filipino justice system is totally overwhelmed. Instead of only putting those convicted behind bars, thousands of accused individuals are forced to await a verdict together in inhuman conditions: cramped space, tropical heat, insufficient water, and, worst of all, a jail that is ruled by the inmates. The guards can’t control the mass of prisoners. As a result, the jail is dominated by hierarchies and power relations.

Ronniel Dumagit doesn’t yet know what awaits him. He’s a newbie. It’s his first time in jail. But faster than he’d like he’ll learn how the prison works, what the hierarchy looks like, and how he has to behave in order to survive.
One prisoner decides what status and privileges each of the other inmates have inside the prison. They call him El Presidente: Glecerio de Pedro and his henchmen rule the prison. The guards are totally outnumbered. They use surprise inspections to try to increase their authority, but they can’t change the situation. Nor can they do anything about the daily struggle for survival, for space, for air.

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  1. This is a re-release due to some editing adjustments we were required to make.

    Ronnile Dumagit doesn't yet know what to expect. He's new. First time in jail. The learning curve is fast. There's no other way to survive unless you're quick to realize who's really in charge. There's one name: El Presidente. He and his henchmen rule the world inside this hellhole. This hellhole where the struggle for space, for air, for food, is constant. Until, if ever, you are able to walk out of there on your own two feet.

    South Cotabato Prison is one of the worst in the world. And followers of this series know – unimaginable and inhumane conditions reign. Guilty and innocent all squished in together. Rapists, murders and petty thieves incarcerated into the most appalling living facilities (if you can even call it that) together. Thanks to that rather evil person aka the president of the Philippines outside with his war on drugs, the justice system is completely overwhelmed. What does that mean? Thousands of accused individuals – many innocent or for minor offences – are forced to wait months, years, for their trials in the tropical heat and the conditions you'll see in this documentary. It's not an easy watch.

  2. I’m sorry I know this is a Third World country but there should be rules against this this is humane I don’t care what they did no one deserves to live like this we don’t treat our worst prisoners rapist child molesters the way these men and women are treated may God look over them and help them through this difficult time

  3. I have this feeling that the majority (if not all) of the translation is inaccurate or wrong. More than 80% of the translation does not match to what was actually said by those who were interviewed.

  4. Free them we all human are prison in the atsmosphere of the earht no one people detain people we are all free in the future we alre wearing a brain reading gadget so that you can know what the he think before doing against the law

  5. Guilty or not. That isn't the issue. The issue is that this is not the way to reform or correct people. They will never reintegrate back into society and become productive members within it again. We say "corrections" but when you look at this you think WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN???
    This isn't the way to "correct" anyone.
    But, we live in a world where everything is a deception and whatever is SAID is the exact opposite of the reality of how things really work and the way things really are.
    May God have mercy on those who are responsible for it.

  6. I watched this after watching the documentary about Steven Davis being murdered by his wife Evelyn. I don't know about these guys, but I'm gratified that she's living 40 years of what can only be described as FUBAR.


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