Belisarius: The Last Battle (6/6)

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  1. I hope you enjoy the epic finale to our Belisarius series! Thanks to our video sponsor Displate – get exclusive discounts on metal posters, including original EHTV artwork, with this link: Thank you also to Legendarian for the Total War gameplay footage, Miłek Jakubiec for the brilliant artwork across the series, and Professor David Parnell (@ByzantineProf) for the expert guidance. If you want to find out (and vote on) what we're making next, and get to see it early and ad-free, head over to

  2. Brilliant video! As much as this is Belisarius' series I think Narses often gets characterised as a villain despite being just as loyal and capable as Belisarius.

    Of the men that came after him, I can think of two that were dubbed a 'Belisarius' John Kourkouas and Alexios Philanthropenos. It just goes to show how respected he was.

  3. wow…..finally it came out that Belisarius is the Tragic Hero of Roman history, adultery wife and same bear characteristic belong to her friend cum benefactor empress Theodora and corrupt, greedy emperor Justinian….at the episode end what is he achieved is my lifelong Respect. He is truely a hero, a Good General, Loyal Soldier with combination of spitefull companion.

  4. great series, narrator, historical accuracy, artwork and music. Keep up the great work. Please do also the period from year 650 until medieval times. That dark age does not have a lot of information or documentaries. Meanwhile I will start on my channel a Mod 555 campaign very inspired to play Total War in this time period

  5. I almost always prefer Belisarius kind of heroes over the Alexanders ones. What a mind tickling feelings when brilliantness beats overwhelming odds, after Allah wills of course, over and over. Thanks guys for crafting such piece of arts about such western immortal figures for us eastern nations to enjoy.

    Eid Mubarak to you all, and may Allah save us and our beloved from horrors of wars, Ameen.

  6. Jesus…what Agathias writes about Belisarius putting on his uniform once more sends chills down my spine
    Thank you Epic history and Mr. Parnell for giving tribute to a loyal and honorable man 🙂

  7. Thanks to Belisarius i was able to visit Rome and see all of the monuments that were spared destruction. The pen can truly be mightier than the sword! If only more people understood and valued his contributions to history!

  8. Truly, the last of the roman.
    Be appeased Belisarius for you are remembered as the one who reconquered Italy and not Narses.

  9. Every time someone says something bad about a woman its 'misogynistic' even if they criticize the men just as badly. Zeus forbid any woman in history has a flaw.

  10. I love this series I’m a huge Roman fan and I’d never heard of him before this series which is surprising so I hope there will be more please make more, well done

  11. Legend is that Totila challenged Narses to single combat and started a War Dance in front of the army and send Narses the message , to Narses replying Tell Totila to finish the nonsense so we can start the Battle

  12. Rome was never kind to its greatest generals, remember what happened to publio cornelio escipion, he was the one that saved rome from hannibal barca, he ended ordering that his bones were not buried in the ingrate nation that saw him come.

  13. Belisarius, like Bonaparte, seems to have had that very rare gift that is the mark of truly great commanders; that is to be both a skilled tactician as well as a good politician. Bravo!

  14. Thanks for putting this series together. It is fantastic work, I think second only to your Napoleonic Wars series. 🙏

  15. this is the last video i watch but not the first 1 report
    i won't buy displate
    you have rusian bots and you make nothing to support ucraine

  16. Epic history tv fantastic job once again! Watching these videos while drinking morning coffee before i start up my total war campaign as usual 🙂 Best way to get hyped. Would be cool to see something about the first punic war covered. I haven't found much information about the first punic war. It's always about the second one and hannibal crossing the alps etc. And a series about scipio africanus would also be cool! Keep up the good work! Love this channel

  17. Such an amazing tale. Why it hasn't been adapted into a show, I do not understand. It has the high profile characters, intrigue, and shocking historical events.

  18. This was a one of your best series!
    Sad to see it end, but curious about the next.
    Thanks for all the hard work!

  19. Belisarius served an Emperor who bordered on being a misanthrope. One of the last Generals who defined himself by warfare, while the real war was
    the internal battles of the court at Constantinople. The muddied politic which bled over into the defining of theology, and further ruination of
    man's own self aspect in regards to the divine. A decisive period in time which continues to plague the West with sheer dogma. Gore Vidal attempted to illustrate
    this complex period in history with his book, Julian.


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