Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. Don't drink tha koolaid. I may have some vices that remain deep within fortunately I have always walked independently if need be at times since a youth in the Spirit of The Most High. Life has shown me don't judge a book by it cover even if you been burnt in the past by any person no matter their ethnicity because I have been bitten by different K9's yet pitbulls terriers are the best to own as a family dog. I doubt that many people will not over under interstand that metaphorically which is ok my cult persay being a true humanitarian in ending Job chapter twelve

  2. I kept telling my family something is wrong with these church and i got out, my daughter thought i was going to miss heaven for getting out. So I went back in for her sake. Then i got back in touch with my aunt and she told me they got out too! Now , i knew i was right to get out, my spirit was telling me to stay out! So we left this time for good!!! Never look back in two years now! We go back in for funerals and that’s about it! My aunt told us about youtube and we been educating ourselves through it. We have church online on each Saturday. We can’t get our daughter out! All we can do is pray too The Most High on her behalf!

  3. Is it possible that these people are given dreams through demonic sources is it possible that she was actually in contact with fallen angels of some kind… as some of these people really believe in what they say I don't believe they just make it but I do believe they may be in contact with demonic forces that pretend to be good Angel's of light or the most high etc

  4. I saw a documentary a while ago about the Jim Jones cult. On it it said that the doctors down there found holes the size of syringes behind the shoulder blades of the dead bodies insinuating that they were given a shot by someone.

  5. The Jim Jones tragedy had me devastated when I had learned about it. I was very little, when it happened, but I didn't learn the details until more recent years. There is a lot of information that supports the belief that the Jonestown massacre may have been an MK-Ultra experimentation "gone wrong" (I did a vid/stream on it), and that those behind it were trying to see if they could get black people to willfully become slaves. Considering that over 700 of the victims were black, and something like this happened as late as the 70s, we should all know about this, because this DEFINITELY could happen, again (my loved one got w/ the Unification church cult in the 80s, and hadn't been the same, since). THANK YOU for covering this.

  6. So he had hidden, latent homosexual tendencies, one can only act out of character for so long! IJS, the woman he married was his beard, and her presence never quelled his wanton strange 🤔 desires! At some point he couldn't take it, or fake it, so he acted on those desires.

  7. The whole matter is just grevious, so grevious. My mom, aunt and grandmother actually knew people who perished in the Jim Jones Guyana following. They knew of several families personally touched and affected with the loss of kin due to this cult. To me he ( Jim ) intentionally seem to target, select and recruit blacks as his followers, that he referred to as my rainbow/multiracial family. How 🤔 sweet Hmm 😒!

  8. I know this much, As a child I've been there, Jim jones I saw a movie about him in the early 80s possibly late 70s the other one Hells gate
    I saw this happen on TV in the late 90s I was in my late 20s back then

  9. 👏🏾👏🏾ALL. 👏🏾👏🏾 OF 👏🏾👏🏾 THIS 👏🏾👏🏾.
    Until we WAKE UP and STOP falling for the BANANA IN THE TAILPIPE – then there will be a lot of our people DESTROYED.
    I pray that OUR people will COME OUT of these false belief systems. 🤦🏾
    Talk about "fruit" of deception in NOI 🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾. Our people hear the truth about the NOI (white man religion said from the lips of their head alphabet man now in NOI) but hold on to it anyway. 🤦🏾
    Many of us see these things but our people must come to an understanding of their own. The truth is out there.
    This was an excellent study.

  10. I'm so glad YAH had me leave these wicked churches, even when I left the church, I had No desire to join any ABC camps, none of them. I'd listen but they would be off on a lot of things, and that 12 was one of many things. I thank YAH-YAHUSHA for keeping me safe from those camps.

  11. Judging from that story TCA.. Lol. I'm glad it went smoothly, cause you could've been kidnapped, killed or assaulted. TMH was with you that day. I'm sure looking back on it, you are saying the same thing.

  12. I was only a few months old when Jonestown came to an end. Can't believe my country men got so duped by these folks. But our people are still being duped by different cults the world over.


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