Beware of Roots of Bitterness, Don't be angry without a cause!

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  1. shalom! fam! thats why regardless of what my ex did i still have no bitternes towards him for what he did to me i forgave him just as the most high forgave us but i won't forget that took alot from me but the most high has a plan i surrender!

  2. I keep missin yal live! I feel left out. I still support and tune in regardless. Yal messages is always strength for me and it encourages me to continue in study. Much luv big brotha n sista. Shalom (peace).

  3. 1Love Yall,

    people are Dum to for Common Sense is not so common,

    for God grants a treasure of Common Sense to the Honest(Pr 2:7),

    so gard Yall Treasure well,

    stay Strong!

  4. שלום Families
    Some said the video has no voice,but I could listen to them,so I guess might be the browser or the device or might be the Internet connection you guys have problem with. Cuz it happens that I can't even watch a video but when I change device meaning from IPad kind of device to PC then it happens to works.
    I hope it works for you too.

  5. Brother and Sister Watchmansreport : about people mocking at us called black people and YIsraelites did you read and notice this (time changes, wisdom is good and thinking of the old times but …) :
    ISAYAH 14:1 For YAHUAHwill have mercy on Yaqob,and will yet choose Yisra'EL,and set them in their own land:strangers shall be joined with them, and they shall cleave to the house of YA'AQOV. 56:3 Neither let the son of strangers that joined himself to EL-YAHUAH speak,saying YAHUAH has utterly separated me from his people:neither eunuch say, behold,I am a dry tree. " The ETh Cepher Edition "

  6. HalleluYAH ! Stay beautifully blessed brother Yahu & Sister Deborah  and will join in today's Shabbat talk by YAH's grace.

  7. Something is wrong with your live stream. Can see you but can't hear what you are saying. There is no sound to this video

  8. shabbat Shalom…thank you for this ,your on time with this teaching it hit the spot .You have taught me so much on my journey please continue

  9. This teaching hit home for me. I'm experience all of today's lesson in my life family community n on the job.
    Thank you.
    Shabbot Shalum

    Love you
    Mom n Dad
    lol 😄

  10. I'm 28 and I have always seen you guys as my spiritual Aunt and Uncle!! I love listening to Auntie Deborah. Its important to have examples of how to carry your self as a Daughter of Zion!

  11. my sis in law has alot of bitterness toward me she says her problem is my parenting I am a homeschooling mom and believer in the most high she says iam forcing my kids to believe and iam not giving them a chance at life because they are home schooled and she doesn't like that my daughter doesn't wear pants i just dont get whats realky wrong with her

  12. I'm sad I don't have any one to celebrate the feast days with and this is my first time trying to do this plus my family are not paying attention to what is really going on they seem to be focused on the cares of this world

  13. why do your wife cover her head just curious. is there a biblical reason behind it if so can you please share that with me

  14. Shalom me and my family have been enlightened through my brother from the most high living YAHVH. I love listening to you guys, me my husband and also my two boys. We live in Maryland and are seeking those in the same spiritual realm and I wish we lived closer to you guys true people in the Faith. You and your husband has been a blessing to me and my family. May YAHVH continue to bless you all in your journey of sharing and enlightening us.

  15. Shalom My Mishpacha!! I missed the live feed, but this lesson came right on time for me!! Todah Rabbah Watchmen Yahu & Deborah Yah Yisrael. I loved this truth, it humbled me even more and it had taken some bitterness out of my heart for our enemies. Oh! and I am definitely a part of the Mishpacha, my name is Danielle I have West Indie & Hebrew decent and I am………wait for it….lol….34. lol I just turned 34 on 9/14 #Virgoseason. And I to consider this fellowship as my Mishpacha as I am in this walk/journey alone. Thinking about growing my locs too enhance this Hebrew/Judah vibe, knowledge, and understanding. I love you guys and all that you do for us. At times I am unable to sleep and when I get a notification at 3am for a new vid I say to myself "Won't HE do it" please do not stop your awakening as it keeps me sane and focused at work and the work I have to do for Abba Yahuha. I will be at the next meet and greet, you guys have given me a new state of mind, truths, realness, and most definitely love. Love you Mishpacha, tell SophiYah I am awaiting a new recipe 🙂


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