Beware of Transferring spirits

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  1. People need to be careful I was written this movie I was looking up evil foot steps and noises and ideal for my movie I got home almost stop breaven and I had to pay to god and put church on .I RIP up that movie .never gain in life …

  2. I was going to the store to get money from 711, there was trash on the ground I go in the store and out the trash turn from to a man .what was that and know I wasn't seeing things I wish I got it on camera

  3. I was sitting at the bus stop this lady appear out of know where? But she had Jean's a weave ,she was black .And she appear out of thin air .do you know what that was .

  4. In reference to transferring spirit, Psychological Operations (PSYOP), (Predictive Programming) and (Different Cyphers) are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objectives reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.

  5. This is very interesting, because I had a similar experience with a used cellphone that brought. The vebes and feelings that i had when carried that ph very much in contrast to my spirit. Phones definitely carry spirits.

  6. Not a put down, yet as a teacher I have learned not to call children โ€œkidsโ€, call the children, sons, daughters, youngsters…I have to change this in my speech also…all in love my sister.

  7. Yes yes yes you are telling the truth be careful who you let touch you or the object you bring in your house keep yo self-anointed yes yes yes and it's getting worse cuz they know they time is near

  8. Well maybe the most high has something to do with them being the way they are. They hate us so much .

  9. My mama always told me never wear anybody else's shoes,accessories, and clothes. Like hand me downs, goodwill stuff, etc… Unless they have been prayed over โค Pray over every new home, car, phone. Anything that may come to you in life that could possibly have been used or tried on before you. And I'm even starting to notice I need to pray over the seats I sit in. I ask God for a praying spirit in Jesus name.

    And I have heard wild birds speak. I was in my kitchen and there was a skylight there. I can't remember what the bird was saying as it was a few years ago but I live in a new place now and at the start of COVID a robin was at my window shouting "WARNING WARNING WARNING!"

  10. The song he is speaking of is by Ambrosia called "how much I feel" when he talks about being married and being with his wife but yet thinking back to the woman he is singing to. That part of the song bothered me to. It really did mess up the whole song.

  11. One thing black folk want to believe. Your noises are of your manipulation completely.
    Any shape you have is what you make it. You want to pretend you have nothing to do with the shape. Wake up.

  12. Thank you for praise music.and examine the scripture to translation clear and present language Praise and Glory to The Most High.

  13. In line 20:41 up, she is making reference to Gary River about the man on the cross, can someone give me this bible verse where our God foretold of the thief on the cross please? This is new for me to hear,and interesting.

  14. Wonderful.
    Reasons school sports have PepRallies and Spirit nights.
    Not saying this is a spirit but the act is parallel to our "transferring spirits".


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