BIack Man M URDERS Another Over Popeye's Franken-Chicken Sandwich (FAST FOOD GENOClDE)

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Comment (44)

  1. There are demons in the food. Everyone needs to stop eating out and eating unclean foods (which includes most manufactured meats). Remember to always give thanks and pray over your food.

  2. Frankstein Food I agree straight from a laboratory created by the mad scientist! All foods have chemicals in them!

  3. I wanna explain why I put your messages on dvd and GIVE AWAY FREE. I also put the science agenda to exterminate blacks, Maafa 21, & other videos ABOUT MASS POISONINGS TO SHOW PROBLEMS AND I USE YOUR VIDEOS FOR THE SOLUTIONS BECAUSE YOU ARE RIGHT! I used to think (meditate) for hours on murdering my enemies (I COULD NOT STOP OR CONTROL THOSE THOUGHTS) AND MY DIET WAS JUNK FOODS FOR YEARS! I am healed and bear witness to others! I no longer fear my people because I now understand better WHY WE ARE LIKE WE ARE!!

    Your videos remind me of a SERMON WE NEED!
    Be strengthened AND PLEASE NEVER GIVE UP!
    Shalom!!! From Mississippi!!!

  4. Not eating that anyway! My mom said she was done when she saw the squirrel eating the chicken bone! He didn’t even look for a biscuit 💕😟

  5. Some say Popeyes fries their chicken in pig fat, but Popeyes claims to fry it in cottonseed oil.

    Cottonseed oil extraction plants are mainly in China, India, Pakistan, the United States, Brazil, and Turkey (5 million tonnes per year production; Table 1). Typically the three main fatty acids in this oil are palmitic acid, oleic acid, and linoleic acid with an average percentage of 22, 20, and 54, respectively. Four major triacylglycerols in cottonseed oil are PLL (27.5%), LLL (19%), POL (14%), and OLL (12.5%). Cottonseed oil has unique types of fatty acids—malvalic and sterculic acids, which are called cyclopropenoid fatty acids. Both malvalic and sterculic acids have one double bound at the propene ring and some toxicity properties, but after deodorization the amount of total cyclopropenoid fatty acids will reduce to 0.04%. Typically, PLs content in crude cottonseed oil is about 0.7–0.9%. Cottonseed oil is also exceptional for the presence of a toxic polyphenolic component named gossypol.

    Agricultural and Feed-Related Toxicants
    Rosalind Dalefield BVSc PhD DABVT DABT, in Veterinary Toxicology for Australia and New Zealand, 2017
    Circumstances of Poisoning
    Gossypol is a polyphenolic compound synthesized by the cotton plant. Cotton is a significant crop in Australia, but not in New Zealand. Whole cottonseeds or cottonseed hulls remaining after extraction of cottonseed oil, may be used for stock feed.
    There is limited information on the toxicokinetics of gossypol. Ruminants are more resistant to gossypol toxicity than monogastric species, because gossypol is bound to proteins in the rumen, making it unavailable for absorption. Free gossypol is lipid-soluble and readily absorbed from the intestine. Absorbed gossypol appears to have a long half-life in the body and has been found in plasma, heart, liver, kidney, muscle, and testes, but is not excreted in milk. Gossypol is principally excreted in the feces with limited excretion of metabolites in the urine.
    Mode(s) of Action
    The mechanism(s) of gossypol toxicity are unclear. It is known to have cardiotoxic and hemolytic effects. Gossypol also interferes with fertility and reproduction in both sexes.
    Gossypol causes gradual, progressive destruction of the myocardium, leading to congestive heart failure, and also interferes with K+ movement across cell membranes. Gossypol was investigated as a male contraceptive in China, and it was found that men developed hypokalemia that was not corrected by potassium supplements. Sudden deaths in gossypol poisoning may be due to hypokalemia.
    The liver is damaged as a secondary consequence of congestive heart failure, and may also have impaired metabolic capability due to inhibition of glutathione-S-transferase.
    Gossypol binds some amino acids, particularly lysine and methionine, leading to protein malnutrition and poor growth rate.
    In male ruminants, gossypol damages the spermatogenic epithelium, inhibits enzymes in Leydig cells that are required for steroid synthesis.
    Gossypol appears to have a luteolytic action in pregnancy.
    Clinical Signs
    Cardiotoxicity may be characterized by sudden death, or by progressive ill-thrift with dyspnea. Adult cattle may also exhibit heat intolerance, hemoglobinuria, abomasitis, and anorexia.
    Decreased conception rates, increased incidence of abortions, and decreased litter sizes have been reported in sows.
    Decreases in sperm count and sperm motility have been observed in cattle.
    Diagnostic Aids
    Gossypol may be detected in suspect feed. However in sublethal toxicosis that is not recognized for some time after the damage is done, the feed that caused the toxicosis may no longer be available.
    Clinical pathology findings include elevated liver enzymes, mild anemia, erythrocyte fragility, and elevated cholecystokinin.
    There is no antidote or treatment. The affected feed should be withdrawn immediately.
    Prognosis is guarded.
    A horse that has suffered from gossypol toxicity should always be regarded as exercise-intolerant and at risk of collapsing if ridden. Recovered mares may die during parturition
    There may be no lesions in animals that die acutely.
    In animals that survive longer, findings are those of chronic failure of both sides of the heart, with consequent lesions of lungs and liver. There may also be renal and splenic congestion, pale skeletal muscles, abomasitis, and enteritis. Testes of intact male animals will show degeneration and necrosis of the spermatogenic epithelium.
    Calves and lambs of less than 16 weeks (preruminants) should not be fed gossypol at all, and ruminants less than 6 months of age should not be fed more than 100 ppm gossypol. Adult ruminants can tolerate up to 1000 ppm gossypol. Swine should be fed less than 100 ppm, and poultry should be fed less than 200 ppm gossypol.

  6. I knew we people loved oor yard bird but to kill someone. I stopped eating fast foods long ago. I don’t even go out to eat anymore. Years ago people that worked in restaurants had to wear hair nets. Look these days no one wear hair nets. People prepare food take money with no gloves then go back to make food. Most food served in these fast food is genetically modified.

  7. Pure unadulterated madness! Please, learn to cook and prepare your own meals at home people! Teach your children (sons and daughters) to cook. If you don't know how, there are recipies and how to videos to help you. Change your diet to a healthy one! ❤🙏❤


  9. Tell em to fast dry fast do a full day then two then three. If you don't believe in fasting then you don't got the truth.
    They fast food, we just fast from food. Plus dry fasting is the fastest way to purge the body of toxin's. Your mind will feel 50 times better after. And do not go back to eating crap. If it's not natural dont eat it.

  10. Avoid sugar! Coffee! And most meat now days. Especially all fast food not some all of it. die unto the flesh everyday brothers.

  11. Okay we underestimate the power of the blood man say a blessing over ur food and eat because we in these last days better get better in our walk because fear is a Coward and God is the Master avenger so let's stop playing the scared roll and show power in the name of Jesus

  12. U guys need to demonstrate power and be happy and live your life! God has given us this knowledge to test to fight in the Name of Christ not run from the awesome power of wickedness ! How can we do greater things in Christ unless we try

  13. Yes there is clearly something in this sandwich. I currently work at Popeye's and people have been going crazy every since we started the sandwiches back. Ppl will stand in long lines just to get this sandwich and they buy 10-20 at a time and spend all kinds of money too. I've been tempted to try the sandwich myself but something won't let me try it. It's sad the things I see everyday when I'm at work SMH.

  14. And, this will also happen to the now black Friday month, when it used to be a one day event. People trampling over the elderly, beating the weak, just to get $150 off a flat screen tv..The world is now a satanic mess. Why ? Because most don't believe or fear God. If the fear of God were in any of these mentally unstable brainwashed people, and if they had a healthy diet, this shit wouldn't happen. There's no hope left for this satanic cesspool of filth we call earth.

  15. has nothing to do with fast food, its about time society realizes the mental health of Americans & particularly our black race.

  16. I dont listen to people like you your probly eating popeyes chicken while your talking so what you were a cop my steptfather is a captain we know people like you think cause you are black all blacks should listen to you that will be the day i love popeyes and will always eat there wellim off to eat at popeys black people like me have your own mind dont be brain washed by someone who eats at popeyes to probly

  17. This was depicted long before boondocks. 30 years ago there was gijoe. Right before ww3 started cobra poisoned all fast food chains and grocery stores. Once dollar crashed people were addicted to sooooooo many different substances unknowingly. Now you have a whole country tweaking like dopefiends as invasion approaches. They built a wall and serpentor forced microchips.🤢

  18. I had the sandwich when it first came out… didn't hook me on to it. It was good but it didn't grab me like it did everyone else. I drive by Popeye's shaking my head


  20. I think i read this morning about a lady going crazy over her coffee not being made fast enough in Dunkin Dounts she even manage to scare the people who was waiting in the drive thru and they drove off without there food. You can see the demons manifesting on people when it comes to fast food restaurants. They will go crazy on you if you miss 1 BBQ sauce.

  21. Its just chicken its got to be the bread everyone says the bread is very very different than any other bread from a restaurant. Its something in that Bread yall. I have not bought one yet.

  22. 😂 why say a measly 5000 views do you think the people that's in line to get a fucking chicken sandwich give a damn about what you got to say LMAO… What you been eating that got you worked up 😂

  23. I appreciate what this gentleman is saying but please believe you are not going to run to vegetables. You breath this stuff every day(chem trails) it's in the water.

  24. Great and true msg brother. I had a dream that I seen some Jews (I believe) grinding up human flesh and sending it to be packaged as hamburger, sausage and the labeled it BEYOND MEAT. When I woke up I was sweating and literally was so nauseous. It was too real, so real I could smell it and I will never forget that smell even though it was a dream. I feel that they are feeding humans to humans without our knowledge

  25. I have never had a Popeye's Chicken sandwich and don't want it! When it first came out I was like let me try it and see what all the hoobla was about. But when I seen all the shenanigans going on I didn't want it anymore. This the boondocks effect😔

  26. I don't thk it was all abt the chicken sandwich. It was about the individual/victim being Inpatient, rude, disrespectful & Grandiose thinking he has the right to do whatever, whenever he wanted to do, without any repercussions from anyone. Someone showed him different. It just happened to take place at Popeyes.
    Wait in line like everyone else!
    I'm sorry he had to learn this basic knowledge dramatically….Ijs


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