BIack PeopIe Are DisproportionateIy Getting and DYlNG From COVlD-19

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Comment (35)

  1. The number of people dying suppose be high in NY and some of the other big cities. All of these people that's dying have underlined ailments? I don't know. So no one that's living a healthy life is not dying from this covid-19? 🤔🤔

  2. I just think they’re saying this cuz they want blacks to be the 1st to show up for whatever BS vaccine they cook up

  3. Y'all need to watch Event 201 (all 5 segments) and stop feeding into what the boogeyman is deceiving you with….

  4. Black people are not dying from corona, I repeat we are not dying from it. Whoever is speaking you are misinformed by following the mainstream media

  5. You cannot trust the mainstream media. It's time for the census so they are trying to make it look like we are dying off. You know this is a lie since they figured out the whites are the new minorities. They are just trying to put fear in blacks!!!! I live in Atlanta and been here for 14 years and I don't know 1 black person that has it! Don't believe the lies!

  6. Some people will believe anything negative about black folk. They have no idea about witchcraft and ignore how our enemies are dictating the narrative.

  7. No they aint, they are dying because they fearfully walked into a hospital, and then "treated" to death. Put your faith in Yah, not professionals whose symbol is a snake wrapped around a cross. This "minister" possess no knowledge, Yah does not make viruses, do some research on the human Virome, the co is from animal dna, which cannot infect you unless its in the bloodstream, injection is the only way to accomplish that.

    And he's talking about deleting comments? Unrightious….but was sure to mention every possible outlet for his products and donations? You working for gates bro? Or using this fear to make a lil bank?

  8. What does COVID-19 has to do with Obesity?
    Why are we seeing a Ppl who could be congenital or perhaps even thick boned .
    Stop this nonsense, Black Ppl aren’t most
    Likely to receive this curse you are implying.
    When the YAH spoke to HIS Ppl Yasha’yahu
    26:20-21 the Word indignation is the word for
    Cursed be Passed over. It was the wrath YAH
    Allowed because of innocent blood 🩸 shed.
    Not obesities. Though it may be in consistent
    With the Cardiovascular, COVID-19 attacks the
    Respiratory system. Please 🛑 misinforming
    YAH’S Ppl for personal gain. Shalom!

  9. Well now though I agree with regard to our community doing better in our health our stats in health and what have you, however; I can not leave your speaking mandatory COVID 19 immunizations for our community unchecked – you know like I know this is just death in a syringe for us; therefore:

    , ABBA YAH I ask you to protect our community from hasatan mandatory sentencing COVID19 death and I instead ask you ABBA petition you ABBA to instead cover us and get each and every one of us in this skin in this nationality in this shared outside bullying to a place of doing better for our health. Help us to help ourselves ABBA YAHUAH. In YASHU’A Hamashiac’s name I call this matter by the name of DONE and our body’s healed following after your proscribed diet for your people, AMEIN TO OUR ABBA’s honor, Amein & AMEIN! Peace. Shalom.Sa’alamah. All is well with my soul👊🏾✅🌹☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾 ain’t but one true ELOHIYM!

  10. I don't know anyone black personally that has it or has died from it. My friends and family don't know anyone who has it or has died from it. Stop spreading fear.

  11. Look up Event 201 this was a planed pandemic hosted by Bill Gates in NY thats why they have it so bad. Its supposedly get out of hand. Dont know if i believe that. But uts was purposeful. But i really dont believe the numbers they say. I dont believe numbers as bad as they say and also i dont believe its hiting us as hard as they say either. They tried so much to try and kill us off it never worked and it is not working now. Yah is on our side its our time. The curses are surely being lifted off of us and for what they have sewd unto to us now they are reapping. So i take everything they say with a grain of salt. I will not believe everything they say. HalleluYah we are rising up agian.

  12. Watchman Yah your the only reason i listen on here. Keep it up. I gotta go though. Need to fulfill prophecy.

  13. The pale are spreading this virus and have infected and murdered many of us already. What REALLY bothers me is how ALL these nonmelanated people have the nerve to say we deserve to die from their nasty germs because we're unhealthy eaters and we don't practice social distancing. Really?? Because these nonmelanated people eat the SAME unhealthy foods as we do and are just as obese as we are. They are correct about the social distancing because we should be far away from these psychopaths. EXODUS is my form of social distancing. Shalum

  14. The pale have been using their nasty germs as warfare on people for centuries now. The pale has been performing wicked scientific experiments on us for centuries. The pale has been researching our melanin, antibodies and DNA for centuries. We have been raped mind and body by these demons and it's TIME for TOTAL SEPARATION. If we don't, we will be extinct here soon. That's how serious it is. Shalum

    So many tornadoes, hurricane etc. destroying black residential areas. The survivors are forced now to take shelter in places (camps) that are "prepared for them". I don't hear any WATCHMAN sounding alarm to these people. Or correct me, if I'm wrong.

  16. Why Black people have to believe everything slave owners say. These American Blacks have fallen behind other Black people. Stop being gullible and read The Bible, fast and pray.

  17. Can you do a video on earrings and braiding of hair ? Are ladies allowed according to the word to do these things ?


    "National emergency declaration 2020" was announced On March 13th

    The day he did this "The Presidential SEAL WAS ON THE PODIUM" in that briefing, and After that.. the Presidential seal was no longer on the Podium… 🤔 🤔-😲😲

    The next two months are critical he said!!!!

    Soo who's in Charge now?

    People better wake UP!!!!


  19. Our people are going to the hospitals and being diagnosed without any test. Some are being hospitalized with their love ones being able to know what's happening to them and subsequently dying . And we are not supposed to question any of this? 🤔🙄

  20. Now isn't that a Shame that it's us blacks that are the ones getting sick and dying the most! It's because of your sins!- and being disobedient to our God! Read it in deut 28!! The answer is right in the word of God in the Bible!! It's here this plague and virus for a reason!- it's time to wake up!!- to repent!! Or u will perish!! Like the Lord said in Luke 13!



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