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  1. The video on the solemnity of Japheth and Edom is brilliant. Now it explains where Britain got the Bible from and how they used our own Book to enslave and colonise us. The balkanisation of Africa is rooted in this formerly hidden but now open knowledge. All praise to the most high YAH – KNOWLEDGE IS INCREASING AND THE END SHALL COME.

  2. No way can you cancel that. Just so everyone knows, our people in Africa still wear these ornaments of idols for battles, fights and any evil works. This is reality.

  3. I absolutely love your videos about ancient and modern time histories. We need to search for the TRUTH. It was the council at Nicea that made the decision to take out the other Holy texts. I commend you for bringing knowledge to us all. The real TRUTH can never be suppressed, for we still have the revelation of them still in existence. So Constantine didn't get his wish totally fulfilled when he and the Catholic church took out other Holy Scriptures at Nicea. Keep up the great work! I support your efforts my Brother! May Yeshua HaMashiach bless you for all of your days. AMEN.

  4. Time and times and the dividing of
    times, two thousand five hundred years, of their power. The lawless ones. Keep all the commandment or break one you guilty of all the laws.

  5. Great video however about praying for the deads scripture says in 1 Cor. 15:29 “Why do those who are baptized for the dead do it? That is, if the dead are not raised at all, why are they then baptized for the dead?” this verse is indicative that praying for the dead and even baptism is allowed! Also in the book of Ruth we read 2:20 ”Blessed be he of the LORD, who hath not left off his kindness to the living and to the dead”.. In my understanding we can pra for their mercy. What's wrong is communicating resting souls!

    Why did you refer to Babylon as ”Ethiopia” curious to know why

  6. Daniel 8: 21-22 and Dan 11: 1-4 speaks about Alexander the Grecian. Also, vs. 22 in Daniel Chapter 8 states: Now, that being broken, (Alexander), whereas four stood up. Daniel 10:20 refers to Alexander as the prince of Grecia, not Alexander the Great.

  7. The isane people who comes against the apocrypha as authentic, are just gentiles who fear their evil forefathers lies exposed…the catholic church Jesuits and the crypto jews are the ones who removed the books of the bible…

  8. But cane and able didn't have the same father, that's why cane is not in Adam geology. Know they were twins but it is know in many cases that some twins have different fathers it is documents on this, look it up, forget what the word is for this. But we do know that cane is of his father, not Adam, but the devil who deceived eve. So they don't have the same mother and father.look at Adams geology. Cane isn't there!

  9. Shalom my brother I enjoy this video as the others I've watched before it makes a lot of sense it tells me why certain things is happening in the world and who the Pope stand as in the world in this present time and what he's doing and the reason for it as it relates to present time and why history is repeating itself to establish everyword of the scriptures, Thanks for sharing your incites they made lots of sense, May yahuah continue to increase your knowledge of his words in yahusha name Halleluyah shalom.

  10. All praises to Yahawah Bahashem Yahawashi. Let every nation bow 🙇🏾‍♂️ and every tongue confess He’s the kings of kings and the lord of lords.

    I love these lesson TCA! It give me strength and courage to stand in my belief.

    PS – Ecc 3:15 proves that we are the same souls from the ancient world and regenerated into this world. The most high has all the time in the world to whip His people into shape 😂. There’s nothing new under the sun.


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