Biblical cities, South Africa, Google Maps

Finding biblical cities in South Africa via, Google maps.

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  1. Thank you very much for this priceless information. Is it possible for you to give us the name of the city and what it's called today. It is a bit difficult to follow since the slides are small.

  2. Peace brother…to add and very important: MAMBRE and ZOAR (In Cape Town), JERICO, HEBRON, BETHEL, BENONI, BELA, INDOR…etc (In SA)

    MAUN (i.e. MAON) in Botswana.
    GAZA in Mozambique
    GOLGOTHA in Kongo


  3. Most of the names on the south african map you pinned don't date back to biblical times some are recent nd some are names of townships, bethel in North west in South Africa is not what you think its the name of a school, Bethlehem is the name of a small neighboring town in Bloemfontein, free state so don't believe everything you see, over the years names of cities and towns have been changed and all, so tread carefully.

  4. You can find all these cities, towns and villages in USA as well. There are also Biblical places names in Australia, Wales and many other countires. Europeans settlers named these places after Biblical places. What about Babylon? Ur? Ninevah? Joppa? Sidon? Tarsus? Rome?


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