Bill Gates on Africa's population boom and the risk of the US turning inwards

With Africa’s population set to double by 2050, Bill Gates has warned that progress in cutting poverty is at risk. The Microsoft co-founder speaks to the FT’s Vanessa Kortekaas about the Gates Foundation’s Goalkeepers report, which tracks levels of poverty and disease.

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  1. Lies and Mis use of the statistics. Africa is not overpopulated, quite the opposite.. Nor are we poor, our lives are qualitative, not quantative; like over consumers in obese America.. Bill Gates first turn your focus to the American underclass, the poor particularly the White poor..

  2. i just saw a documentary about how the poorest and the most marginalized indians live…. many women can speak english pretty good for people like them and a woman said that she aware having more than 2 kids will burden her. this is why i always admired how smart they are compared to other non white people

  3. The way they are trying so much not to be direct, and then they mentioned contraceptives ooops, we know how y'all trying to wipe us out and just like contraceptives which has created increase in impotence, covid vaccine will do worse. We not fools people

  4. Gill gate knows that African will be become great
    So his finding ways and means to depopulate
    Bill gate you're not God .
    Africa will definitely become a great country
    His afraid that he will become poor if Africa becomes great
    God have mercy on you bill,
    Can you even create an animal?
    Soooooooooooooo strange that you're worried about Africa, mind your business and stop acting as if you don't have a problem in your country…go and help the president to solve his state problems, you're being arrogant
    Do you think you're going to the richest man forever?
    Remember there are generation coming who will do better than you… let's this be in your head

  5. I blame Afrika and the weak minded greedy leaders. So many foreign military bases in Afrika! Afrikan men are paid to fight their fellow men, then the UN gets the excuse to station soldiers all over the country and secretly mine the resources. In Congo, the people use basic tools (machetes) to dig for coppe4 which they sell for basically nothing. This copper is then used to make expensive phones that could feed them for a year. Same with gold. Gates do not want Afrika to be past a certain number because it would affect how much resources would be available for western countries. The countries that rely on copper gold etc. He's trying to protect his and western countries resources that they have in Afrika. Right now, Afrika does not belong to Afikans. That's a fact! France, EU, UK, US, Canada etc can place their people in Afrika anywhere they want and at any time they want. The leaders there are only used to make it appear less obvious. Afrika has to cut all ties with the west, and stop cooperating in manufacturing wars to get the real enemies in. The Scramble for Afrika continues…

  6. All around the world 🌍 their are country’s trying to get couples to have children. Grease ,Italian , Spain etc etc. are at 0 population. . Check out 0 population, check it out , he is talking nonsense,

  7. He's stopped Old guy you are f**** a human being God only knows what is going on later on and right now when you have more money don't thinking you are smart then the other people b**

  8. Fighting poverty and disease is accomplished through the initiation of the ancient free Marketplace based on the foundation of sound money. Society that is facilitated through these principles karma is a society that can mature and take ownership over their lives and how their role effects of the greater Society. Most of the world is set up with a welfare state, board both a dead-end minimum wage corporate job one and a actual welfare state, and this creates human resources that are unable to develop and maintain sound mind, self-worth and maturity, what also suffers on a more deeper level is the inability to Foster and nurture love, empathy and forgiveness. A centrally planned dependant Global Society is clearly unable to develop these very important components of human spirit. We must also understand that Monopoly over the world economy and its monetary unit are the two ingredients we use to derive the misery index. So plainly in the true source of all human-generated misery stems directly from monopolization Over the economy and monetary systems. These two components are also by the way very important in being able to incorporates in one's life in such a way that they can then demonstrate their ability to secure and maintain freedom oh, and the freedom that can actually be measured for True genuine value. In the absence of economic freedom and the sound monetary unit so you have no choice but to incorporate hard and soft human population management strategies. Because at some point monopolized economies have serious boom bust Cycles that's impoverishes many through the transfer of wealth from the many to the very few. The result of that is an unsustainable population that must be dealt with through extremely morally hazardous means. Please give me a thumbs down or thumbs up so that I know my comment was not censored

  9. Who says that we are worried by poverty. Africa belongs to Africans, why do others care how we live. Life is short for all human beings and there are môre important things to care about , most importantly our relationship with our creator whose return is imminent.

  10. Africa does not need vaccines. It needs a developed human resource, education, fibrant agriculture ,industry etc. population is not always a hindrance to economic growth eg China.

  11. Just the same way I saw testimony of how Austin helped a man make -$50,000 weekly Profit I tried now am also sharing my testimony with over,$10,000 from the company thanks for the good did he has done for me for this short period of time

  12. Why do people insist on destroying the planet? No way to feed and supply this population level sustainably and no time to implement. Its a dangerous fantasy that must be stopped immediately. We passed the point of sustainability, no return and no longterm survival 100 years ago (1,9 bn.) The numbers don’t lie. Show me your data, not your fantasies and disregard for nature and human survival. We have less than 60 years left before disaster even if we went sustainable tomorrow. Ocean ecosystems already collapsing beyond repair as many others.

  13. R U the President of Africa. What do you mean, what we do? You are an American, not Africa. There is a lot to benefit, from Africa. You are more that rich. All you lack is Power! That would separate you from the richest man in the world!

  14. What bill gates is really saying is we have to cut Africa's population wink so we can move in and take the continent's resources. If everyone in the world can have a house in the state of texas, why are they saying the planet is overpopulated?

  15. White man he thinks his God .
    They still want us believe that we are the poor when they’re stealing from us everything and make it sound it’s their


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