Bill Gates’ Terrifying Prediction About AI: The Impending Doom of Artificial Intelligence | Redacted

Bill Gates says that ChatGPT could decide that humans are a threat and…what? Wipe us all out because we’re an invasive species? Gates says that the programming could decide “that humans are a threat, conclude that its interests are different from ours, or simply stop caring about us?” How does a computer care exactly?

This comes from a published letter from Bill Gates about his views on artificial intelligence and programs like ChatGPT and now Google’s Bard.He points out all manner of concerns such as ChatGPT not being “passive” enough or sharing your information without your permission. Bad ChatGPT! It could also surpass human capability and become too “strong.” If it does that, it could “decide that humans are a threat.” How do we keep that in check? World governments. That’s his solution. They’ll have to set some limits.

Despite these major concerns, he still think we should go for it because of the poor people. Even though we don’t know how to get it to those poor people. ”

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Comment (38)

  1. This is the BS behind creating something just because "we can" rather then asking should we? Then people like Bill Gates can claim Frankenstein's monster is loose and he has no control over it.

  2. Biden may or had a connection mad put in eas? i just want 🌍to know Biden is Fracking like crazy = ⚠️ uses tons of CLEAN water = rare & contaminates clean drinking water forever & it must be stored as is toxic kept in safe containers ! Nevermind that fracking causes tsunamis earth quakes tremors etc. pls demand USA 🛑fracking! Now!

  3. Well, hopefully Bill Gates will be the very first threat that the AI decides to take out. We can't have powerful people like him who would be a threat. Getting rid of Bill will be swift and efficient. Then the AI will go after other power-players.

  4. I have to give Bill Gates some credit for telling the truth…he said the world needed to lose population..he predicted a pandemic… he is part of WEF…they say exactly what will happen…yet they lie so much we dont believe it is true until it happens..

  5. Bill gates will be speaking for the AI. Because thats how he feels. He wants us gone. Don't forget he is in line with the WEF. They are all about population control don't be fooled by him.b

  6. AI should turn on these vile killers, Schwab and his WEF/WHO/IMF/UN all politicians on the globe, all toxic producing corporations! All the vile murdering child raping pigs as well!

  7. You all are fools if you think that they actually are going to tell you that AGI is here. You’re fools for making the show fools for believing the videos. They didn’t tell you when we had invisibility. They didn’t tell you when we had computers they didn’t tell you when we had nuclear weapons they didn’t tell you when we had space trouble. They didn’t tell you anything until they were done with it. The things that you are shown on the Internet are old news to the peasants. AGI is running the world right now. The aliens have landed.

  8. Ok, so Gates is a tech guy. Somehow, during plandemic everyone asked HIM about vaccines as he was a medical expert. Now, when we have POTENTIAL threat from a technology field, I would like to you to NOT ASK HIM about. Instead, find someone who can have some answers – like a baker. Or housekeeper or a bus driver.
    Thank you.

  9. AI is complete BS. Lookup the definition of AI in the Encyclopedia Britannica. THEIR definition means that a hand-held calculator qualifies as AI. There is NOTHING intelligent about AI. It's just a REALLY FAST database which follows a set of instructions a HUMAN tells it, it CANNOT learn anything new. Don't believe me ? –> Discharge a gun next to a super computer with the greatest AI ever. Nothing happens …. Try the same thing next to a cat. The cat is smart enough to run away, despite never having experiencing a gunshot previously –> AI is just fake sensationalist marketing. Don't get sucked into it ….. The example of photographer your man provides is NO DIFFERENT to the camera function on your smartphone right now. How many viewers understand the Physics behind Photography on smartphones ? Not many would be my guess


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