Black death on the rise again! Pneumonic plague in China

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  1. Truly the Creator is very patient and merciful, I say no mercy for criminal evil wicked men and women, they do not deserve life, they should all be wiped out from the face of the earth once and for all!
    Check my ivdeo if you want to overcome and survive what is to come
    It is time for change and for the good, righteous and just to take over the world and rule it for all eternity! No more mercy for evil!

  2. And right now, the Afrikan swine flu has affected so many pigs….Pigs are of the rodent family…Ya'll seeing the connection here? The bubonic pleague is coming back, it was started from fleas biting rats, the rats biting people or spreading the disease through their dropping's and urine…Remember Europe was a filthy hot mess of diseases and nastiness, simply because the European's didn't bathe, nor had no sanitary means of water….Their waste and the animal's waste contaminated their drinking water!!!!!!!!

    In Europe, it was more classy for them to have clean clothes than it was to bathe…That's the same thing as putting cologne on to cover body funk up and putting on clean clothes….In a nutshell, the European's were just gross!!!!

    It took the Moors, when they ruled Europe, to develop a sanitary plumbing system, and to teach the European's to live seperately from their animal's (I imagine bestiality was going on something fierce back in those days!), to teach them to live clean and not alongside their livestock in their waste and filth.

    It took the Indengeneous people in Turtle Island to teach the European's how to bathe…Like immercing their entire bodies in the water.

    Anyway, so the pigs now have this deadly disease that comes from China, that it can kill human's if they eat the pigs….This is one sure way Yah will stop us from indulging in these giant rats! And now the bubonic plague is back….So from the fleas biting the small rats to the big rats being infected….China can't eat them and Yah only knows China does eat things like dogs, cats, rats and maybe mice….I have said it before…….Eat chicken with bones in it…..China has imported meat to the U.S. and when boneless wings were big, I think that was back then when China was importing meat to the U.S. and also , China has never had a love relationship with the U.S., I can only imagine what kind of mess they were importing to the U.S. and calling it whatever the U.S. asked for….Dog meat = chicken, cat meat = chicken, rat meat = chicken, shrimp = soaking in buckets of nasty water that was contaminated with animal and human waste.

    The bottom line, we are all over the 4 corner's of the earth, not one of these hathen nation's has ever repented, they're treating us worse by the days and Yah is judging them….All over the world, becasue that's where we are…..Come out of her and be ye sepearate, and do not partake in her sins!!!!!!!!

    If this isn't Yah, giving us a lighted neon sign roadmap of steering clear of these heathen's and their ways (as much as we're able) because he is judging them while in their nation's I don't know what is!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sounds like germ warfare to me. How did the rats and cats servive but the ppl didn't? We know who the plague is….the nasty ones who did not wash thier hands after using the toilet. Or maybe the killed all of the black ppl who originally lived in Europe ans Ireland and called it Black death.

  4. Angels are Many but not more than Humans , proximity 8 Billion people on Earth and the ones that died to because Humans reproduce Angels can't reproduce in Heaven then Yahuah say there be Many Created but a Few shall be Save He going to destroy whole number of Adam Decendents leave a few that mean the Few will not be Many and the Angels out do the Few the Elect that came out of Adam that mean there be Many Angels but few Heavenly Man Decendents that will take on the New Body like Mashiach can u now say we use to be of Adam the Man of Dust Decendent but I'm of the Second Adam (Yahushua HaMashiach) Decendent now with a New body the Heavenly body can I now say I am a Decendent of the Second Adam and i put on the Heavenly Man

  5. The two witness is the Old Testament and New testament the bible. It return from Mid evil time the Pope had tooking it away. God return it back to man so they would know what to came. Rome took the bible away.

  6. China has become an abomination to the planet. They are eating rats and are selling rat meat to restaurants here in America. They have tainted fish and pork and have created fake food that causes all sorts of medical problems. China has a toxic waste problem that they can't control and now all of humanity is suffering because they want to create nuclear weapons to control the world.

  7. Something is getting ready to happen, because my husband and I heard fighter jets ( very loud) go pass our home, 2days in row. I lived in philly all my life and never heard that before. Something is going on and something is getting ready to happen. I think 2020 will reveal a lot more, but worse.

  8. HI! You've helped me so much by mentioning the 613 commandments in your older videos. I didn't know there where that many. You saved me and my soul when you mentioned the pseudiapigrapha. I just wanted to say that yah speaks to me and he loves you and your family so much. He really loves you.

  9. Research, blacks in America are not all from Africa. The America's is our land. His story is where they are pushing all blacks came from Africa. That is not true..


  11. This is what happens when a nations turns it's back on the Father the creator, They are persecuting Christians non-stop over, So I'm not surprised in the least, And it's all part of the end time Tribulations, Which are already starting, Look around at the farms, The weather, Rumors of war, Actual acts of war, Etc, The Tribulations are hear and about to ramp into high gear….

  12. Yes, thank you for the reminder. I have to pray both inside and outside of the house, above every window, abovw every door. THANK YOU.

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