Black Israelites vs Christianity vs Judaism

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Comment (23)

  1. I have seen a lot of Esau pretending to be Israelites, just because they believe in the Name YAHUAH. I saw one to day, it made me sick to my stomach, I wrote on his post, something I know he want like. He was so fake. They are always taking from us, even our Birthright, they hate we are the true Hebrew, so the Mock and make fun of our Rights, they can't stand it.

  2. That Crusaders mess u showing is not of christ, that is Roman catholicism. Jesus built a church and the gates of hell(everyone else) shall not prevail. Good luck with that Hebrew mess u preaching. God has a chosen people and they r lost. Try telling dem to return to Jesus and stop living in sin and darkness and hating other people because of skin color. Gods son died for all, it's in the Bible. U rejected his words and coming with a self serving spin on the word. Woe be unto u. 🙏 SMH…

  3. Love you family, but titles is what brings divisions and that is not what Yes wants. Please see 2 Corin 11: 22-24. Jesus means Jes and Us, us is the Orthodox Church who runs ALL religion. the letter J was also created by the Orthodox, so its spelt with a y….Yes is his name.

  4. You are correct my brother Yahu, Christianity is full of lies. That we are the people of the book we are bloodline of Israel. Halleluyah

  5. I'm glad you touched on the islam part. So many of our brothers and sisters are caught up in that. I was one of them but I was questioning some stuff about that too. Somebody mentioned how only YAH gave the prophethood through the israelites and NOT the israelites which muhamnad so called is a descendant of. Also Muslims claim to love Yehoshua but believe he was a messenger. And that repetitious prayer they have to say in Arabic 5 times a day and that's something I couldn't constantly believe as well as many other things I disagree with.

  6. Lol also the street so called israelites still have the attachment of christ to their name. They don't address yehoshua and Yahuah in their right name.

  7. The Holocaust was one and done! However, our Holocaust continues for over 400 years and counting! It is a continuous cycle of abuses such as racism, slavery, death, inequality, injustices, systemic racism, all are a vicious cycle of psychological and physical abuses that our oppressor uses to keep his foot on our necks! I so agree with you, Christianity is the greatest deception of all religions because it tried to turn the truth of Yah into a lie! I took my Bible out of the religious casing of Christianity and left the church! My Bible is my way of life and church is within me, HalleluYah

  8. Christianity is named after a totally Greco Roman terminology which never existed in ancient cultures and language the title Christ comes from the Greek word christos used to mean deity or God the phrase the Christ means the God ! Not the anointed one or Messiah !

  9. Big difference is everybody hate us but them they love the world's way of protection. They mock us everyday. They get old ones crying because of the holacost. And they are still starving. But we are to get over it. Or they adopt us as pets

  10. Thank you Thank you for the Real Jews have a Sign and we know that sign is Duet 28 15:68 and more the book of Joel they parted my land

  11. Jews are fully aware that they are not the chosen people of the Bible. "And do you know why????" Cuz I've ask Jews they I felt close enough to have this conversation. They clearly was aware of the truth and surprisingly, they did not disappoint me. I don't talk behind people's backs, I go to the source. So these lectures are FACTS OR FACTS!!! 🥰


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