Blade Runner Transhumanism/ Trans Agenda

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  1. That movie was the first time I recall seeing Daryl Hannah and in the scene where she (he) first appeared I was sure that was a man dressed as a woman. I assumed that it would eventuate that the character was indeed a male pretending to be a woman, but it didn't. So I figured I was wrong. A few decades later I realized my first impression was correct. With the others in that movie it isn't so obvious. Trans investigating can be difficult. Surgery, hormone replacement therapy, manner of dress and good acting can really fool you.

  2. "Manliness as a Norm Gone " rewrite of " Happiness is a Warm Gun " by The Beatles

    He's not a girl, but who's transitions such

    Dude dude dude dude dude dude, oh yeah

    He's well acquainted with the tuck on the velvet band like a lizard on a window pane.

    The man in the crowd with the multi-colored mirrors on his hobnail boots.

    Lying with his eyes while his hands are busy working overtime.

    A sole impression of his wife which to date is related to her natural breasts

    We need a fix 'cause it's going down

    Down to the pits, that I have found

    We need a fix 'cause it's going down

    Under exterior bump is gone

    Under exterior bump is gone

    Under exterior bump is gone

    Under exterior bump is gone

    Under exterior bump is gone

    Under exterior bump is gone

    Manliness as a norm gone (things change, bootscoot )

    Manliness as a norm gone, nodda (things change, bootscoot )

    When I told you, you're alarmed (oh, yeah)

    And I reveal their vigor on you is sicker (oh, yeah)

    I know somebody will see the harm (oh, yeah)

    Because,( manliness) as a norm gone, nodda (things change, bootscoot )

    Manliness as a norm gone, yes it is (things change, bootscoot )

    Manliness as a norm, yes it is, gone

    Manliness (things change, bootscoot )

    Well don't you know that( manliness) as a norm gone, ( as a norm, gone, yeah).

    Paul Cary 4/25/19

  3. Me and my brother saw this when it first came out. Afterwards we both suspected this was a projection of the future. We also began to recognize "reverso's" where we lived but we didn't realize the scale it was on. Also when we were kids my brother came home and told me there was a transvestite plot to take over the world. Looking back i realize he saw, heard, witnessed or was traumatized by someone/thing and was reaching out for help and/or warning. It did cause us to be cautious from then on but this is a predatory realm especially on children and young people. Gang stalking and targeting is real. Defending oneself is real.

  4. I was behind a trans man tonight in a big box store. Looked similar to the one wearing the snake. The one in the store had a big blond wig on. I knew immediatly it was a dude. Anyway. The blade runner movie has many Bible elements in it. Satan corrupts and uses God’s message of how God saves the world from sins. Mocking God in the movie by putting men as women and vice versa plus making the main character a type of Christ figure putting nails thru his hands.


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