Blessings from HalleluYah Scriptures

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  1. Shalom Watchman an DeborahYah I want to say I have received halleluYah scripture while I was in prison in Indiana Branchville correction where I came in the truth an knowledge an still in my walk want to share that the prison still charges 5.00 to receive the scripture where you order it for free….

  2. Danggg they hooked y’all up… is there like a website to get some of these things…. I home school my kids and been reading from my cepher… he would love some of this

  3. Shalom Watchman, these people talk about the Jewish, they don't talk about us being YAH'S people, and the images in these books are all white, if am not mistaken ur the ones that did the whited out series…Matt 24:4)..

  4. that is a great gift from Ya, i must say i got my copy about a year ago and its been a blessing and a incredible understanding of the most hi Ya … halleluyah, thank you halleluyah scriptures…

  5. Anyone know what extra 10 psalms there talking about? Doing a search on the Dead Sea scrolls I see no reference to anything pass psalm 155

  6. HalleluYah HalleluYah
    Thanks so much precious beloveds you both for sharing all the genuine LOVE from TMH and HalleluYah scriptures. I'll be looking to place order on some of them new items for my homeschooling. TMH divine will shall be done!! HalleluYah for nothing can stop our mighty Abba YaHuAh !!! Much Shalum to ALL May we stay humbly inspired to be used for Yahuah perfect will. Ahman ssalaama

  7. Shalom
    I am so blessed to receive my own copy of HalleuYah Scriptures last week. HalleuYah Scriptures covered the additional cost of tabs and also installed the tabs for me. This was such a huge blessing for me as I have trouble with fine movements in my hands. My copy of HalleuYah Scriptured is a pretty purple color and this Bible is really easy for me to use and this is my favourite Bible next to my large print Eth Cepher , which also comes with tabs. HalleluYah!

  8. Hello. Shalom. I some stumbled upon your channel on Monday September 23rd and can't stop watching. I've been a child of the King, Yah for sometimes but had failed to call myself a Christian. Now I've found the truth and my search has only just began. I don't speak Hebrew but I'm trying to understand the alphabet. Is it possible for me to get one of the HalleluYah Bibles? I do love the work that I've come upon from you and will keep tuned in to get all the information I can. I thank you.

  9. I order a bible from them but haven't received it yet. Please help me get one. Please email me at I am a current liver transplant survivor but going through hard times.


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