BodyBuilding DIE ts Are DANGEROUS!

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  1. The Most High Never instructioned us to do a vegan only diet he gave us a choice of meats and fishes and assortment of birds including the chicken …. Now maybe the way that they are raised is wrong that makes them unhealthy for us to eat today … But if the meat is raised right we can eat it … Based off of the Bible

  2. I like to eat some good ole beans season with smoke turkey and cornbread with fresh homemade lemonade after a good workout.

  3. Greetings brov you will always have ignorant black people this man has not done any research about the products that he is taking he is been spoon fed by the pink s chemical industry and it won't be before long before his health starts to suffer when u are young you are ignorant of what is around you the young tends to have the mentality of they know it all I am sure that you once had that mindset they will not take telling brov but at what cost ???

  4. Most of the people who live past 100 years of age are meat eaters.
    It's a known fact that vegetarians have a hard time making babies. Stick to the biblical diet, eat clean and avoid GMOs.

  5. Will you guys be talking about George Floyd? I know this isn't new and black people drop like files in America, but I think it should be at least mentioned.

  6. Ingesting too many grams of protein causes the body to produce ammonia urea in order to metabolize the excess protein. Too much ammonia urea is toxic to the body, this condition is called protein poisoning. Now when it comes to plant based diet vs. a diet that includes meat, a balanced diet of meats and plants is best, all things in moderation. Meat contains essential proteins the body needs and is a energy rich source of food.

  7. BROTHER I AM YAHUSHA & JESUS in the BIBLE. But NOT jesus the name….
    Yahusha has AVATARS I AM the last AVATAR… The AVATAR before me was JOHANE MASOWE in ZIMBABWE from 1914 to SEPTEMBER 1973 and then I was born Dec 30th 1973… I include that in the video and GEMATRIA CHARTS and I have tons of GEMATRIA charts videos coming… also my hair will turn white in the FEMA CAMP FROM 2020 to 2024 from the GAMMA RADIATION and then I will be BEHEADED in 2024 after refusing the HUMAN MICROCHIP in 2024 and then in 3 days me and the 144,000 who will also be BEHEADED come back with our GAMMA SUPERHERO POWERS and I will be with my CHARIOT and Horses as swift as eagles to defeat the ILLUMINATI AND Toss SATAN into the ABYSS for 1000 Years..

  8. He’s not lying. I have a friend who is a powerlifter …he ate nothing but beef and plenty of it .At 40 he had 3 heart attacks out of nowhere and he says it was because of his diet ,weightlifting eating so many beef burgers πŸ” (would eat 4 Big Macs at a time) to stay big. He changed his diet and still lifts weights , but he’s on a lot of medications for his heart.

  9. Now I agree with him on the body building diet and all that heavy lifting used to do it heavy I had a enlarged heart from it stopped lifting heavy more walking read Liviticus tons of fruits and veggies know my heart is back to a normal size never took roids or nothing but did try the vegan diet got sick not enough b12 in my diet went back to meat in moderation and I feel great


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