Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. Interesting guys… did anyone see Doris speech last night 10pm ? With the other 2 clowns.. US and Australia.. well all 3 have come together.. to build submarines for Australia… Hmmmm something fishy going on!?… awesome video brother 💥🙏🏽

  2. Portal – Gates are ports for entrance into the different levels… In Daniel principality stop Yah Messenger couldn't he just go around no it's a gate and this is why all the satans (demons) certain entities can't reenter certain levels (heavens) because they are shutout. Of course the sea also has levels where just like the heavens is designed after the deluge to keep the fallen ones imprisoned to prevent them from coming up or/down and keep us (man) from accessing there (hydrostatic pressure). when the sunsets it gives off an explosion it's entering the portal to then raise in the east during its travel its causes the aurora borealis. if you continue looking into the water nation you will see…. eat the meat spite out the bone …..Grace and Peace

  3. Genesis 1:14 And YAH said,
    Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and
    👉🏿let them be👈🏿
    👉🏿signs, and
    👉🏿seasons, and
    👉🏿days, and

    Yah's Sabbath hidden in plain sight. The lights in the firmenant are the creator's well or castrated Calendar and clock. Apttmh YAH Love what you doing brother TCA SHALOM

  4. Dark looking/ devoid of light in the second heaven makes me think of black holes. There has been a resurgence of new "research" be identified about them lately. Maybe this is the real reason behind the fascination concerning them

  5. Being "devoid of light" means that it is a soulless being. Melanated beings(annunaki's, gods, egyptians,…..niggas) creating hybrid humans are devoid of light, the devine spark, carbon. Beings created inside of the reality are soul less.

  6. Shalom TCA. & Happy Sabbath Everyone One!! I really Love Ur Teachings!! I didn't know the Sun rest under the Earth! As I Listen it So Sad The Earth is Flooding. Burning, Hurricanes & Not Getting a 7 year Rest! They literally Took Advantage Of Our Most High's Creations!! With Posions & Chemicals!! I Feel That I Let Our Heavenly Father Down b/c we wasn't there to Love & Cultivate His Gifts He Gave To Us. Then it was Giving to the Hands of The Wicked Esau Edom!😩
    Thank U for Sharing & Opening My Eyes On A Whole Another Level! The Killer Whale is A Dolphin? Wow! & it's heart size of a Cow! That's Truly Amazing & how Brilliant The Most High Yahawah is!!😀APTTMHNCB🕊💞🕊🕊SHALOM FAMILY

  7. Humbly, there’s a few things that concern me regarding this book but I’ll just comment on a couple. If I missed something please let me know, anyone.
    I’m highly skeptical of all extra books with Enoch’s name on them. Enoch 2, 3, Secrets of Enoch and any I missed.
    In chapter XIV, 14 if I’m not mistaken. It says a year is 365 1/4 days but in The book of Enoch that is given in the CEPHER and the R.H. Charles copy it says

    Enoch 72:35
    On that day the night decreases to nine parts, and they day to nine parts (equal daylight and moonlight) and the night is equal to the day and the year is exactly as to its days three hundred and sixty-four.

    Enoch 74:13
    And the sun and the stars bring in all the years exactly, so they do not advance or delay their position by a single day unto eternity; but complete the years with perfect justice in three hundred and sixty-four days.

    Jubilees 6:38
    For this reason I command and testify to thee that thou mayest testify to them; after thy death thy children will disturb them, so that they will not make the year three hundred sixty-four days only, and for this reason they will go wrong as to new moons(months or seasons), and sabbaths and festivals, and they will eat all kinds of blood with all kinds of flesh.
    Also I may have missed something here too but in the book of Enoch are the angels that he encounters not mentioned by name. Like Uriel who showed him the courses of the luminaries, the sun(he), and the moon(she). When did more than one appear to Enoch at the same time and referred to as men? He called Uriel the holy angel.
    I have a few others but this is enough for now. Im just skeptical of this particular book Am I off?

  8. So the core under the earth is the suns resting point. I want more, more. 😊 The globe shape they in forced is the firmament covering the earth because they cannot measure the true depths of the sea. Who can believe man-kind? APTTMHY

  9. This is a new YouTube channel I created for myself about 3 weeks ago now. On my other 3 channels, none of TCA videos are showing up. The entire channel is missing. When I searched last nite only your secondary channel came up. YouTube is tripping hard as per usual! All Blessings to TMH

  10. I have been studying for awhile and there are gates the sun and moon goes . During the spring/ summer it rise and sets north according to the campus and in the late summer and winter in rises and sets towards the south. Enoch talks about the different gates. And my husband and I have been watching for the last past 4yrs. And it has not failed this course. It's sad to know how many lies we were told. Thank Yah for opening our eyes. Research. Seek and you shall find..

  11. Luke 11:22 "Our father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth". This is the operating model that TMH established in Genesis 1. If you witness something happening in the earth, it has already happened in heaven. Shalom


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