Book of Enoch: Woman testifies of intimate encounters with demons and wants their children

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  1. She looks demonicly oppressed. You can see the darkness through her eyes! This lady needs help she doesn't know what she's dealing with!

  2. I have experience this. one time. I had lots of demonic oppression n all stopped in Jesus name. even sleep paralysis stop in Jesus name n I called out to yahushua too..but I not sure how to say His name correct in Hebrew but Jesus worked . This spiritual warfare is real. I've felt energy rush into my body n was stuck couldn't move. I captured pics of spirits. repent. pray. study holy word of God Almighty. wear your armor. We don't wrestle w flesh n blood. I like to add when I had this happen there was no climax… then I did research n found a woman give her encounter n she says they don't let you reach climax you get there n it ends so I think the spirit took my energy . idk but succubus incubus is real. I had it happen before when I lived in haunted house I let friend do cleansing she learned from Indian blessing thing well now I know exactly what these evil spirits are. it's real. Turn from sin n to a holy creator father messiah.

  3. I don't know if should come out with my own personal experience… due to sensitive information about the inside of the reality of The Hell's Angels and my demons if I keep telling the truth… I could be murdered. But regardless I have to… I have no idea why I am still writing this post…. I may have lost my way back from a little trip to see the man who took my virginity 23 years ago, he is not just a nefarious criminal… he is of Nephillum decent, a feared enforcer for the Hell's Angels and I have a sexual soul tie connectivity to him. I went to a Hell's Angels event in Downer, Minnesota at The Mainliner with him on September 29th to do whatever he wanted me to. I don't want to get into detail about the encounter due to the GRAFIC nature and I am not comfortable with how REAL this is for me. Since I was last with him in 2002… he's been a warlock enforcer who taught me futharkian witchcraft and I am saying that I am still in the middle of a search for deliverance ministry before I end up with the other side of this damned country and I have no choice but to be called Demonica and I have no way back. So now… after that encounter, I have a great deal of power in the craft and I can only assume it's a real DARK agenda dragging me to do whatever they want me to. I know what I am into these days is demonic entities that I am in full contact with… sexually assaulted by demons when I sleep or I'll just wait until they have their way. Rape hurts less when you don't fight. But I have been in a very bad area spiritual septic tank is a good way to describe what is in me. So now I have a electric blue jellyfish looking flames in my eyes and I'm not sure what to do but I am really sorry that I am not sleeping without a camera on me because they have been doing the rounds on me since September 29th. He was born on Halloween night and he is TRULY a giant! 6ft 7in and he is not shrinking, he's actually grown! In all areas! SERIOUSLY though He must be a little more than a decade or so into the occult and I didn't know that Nazism is apparently Satanism by default for the Norse war GODS are in the same kind of power supply chain. I have videos of contact with my demonized life and supernatural pornography career is apparently the game plan for the last couple months I have been able to see into the 5th dimension and I have been able to make magic that I wouldn't mess around with the girl who is not really me, but I keep finding the number 23, 23, 23, 23… It's just too many things that are not going back on this point where I have had to wait for a way to get some kind of a deliverance and I have been working on that. key ministries in Texas… pastor Micah Bell, has denied the application for being there for a couple days and councils you to close out the portals open from my traumatic experiences that had the time I first met my imagery friends who taught me alot of their strange but fun games…. I was 4 years old and my mother was a witch and I was sexually abused by her. I became explicitly sexual with my own teddy bear and I have the same bear in my room. So now I have video proof of my life and my eyes are insane to see. So now I have a great deal of power and control over my own business in this game of rats and cats and I am being driven to make a little trip to Hollywood to get a chance to make a good pitch for showing up with my eyes, I will probably get some kind of a call to acting out the way it was just about all the way to entice you to be looking into the supernatural pornography. I'm feeling like I am drowning in my apartment and I have been doing a little more aggressive behavior that I am introduced to the same girl who is seeking out the inside of the Hollywood Satanism. She's said she is Beliala… I'm not sure how much longer I can make it through this condition that I am really looking for Jesus and I keep finding Satan and demons run the show. But regardless I am calling on Jesus Christ and I am being moved around like a little kid who is being pushed around in my apartment and they will behave like a good friend to get your car for you and hex an ex girlfriend for running off with my boyfriend while I was in the hospital for DEMONS…. I gave her schizophrenia and I have been in a very long battle with self deliverance prayers by Ugo Ezeji and I keep getting so bad that I am really manifesting in a very sexy outfit and I am being sexually explicit and I can make a call to him now without calling on the phone. I'm a dangerous siren spirit and I am really getting scared of the reality of my life…. not too mention that I am a flag worship team leader of at my church for the last 3 years, until September 29th…. I was just turned to Lucifer for a couple things that happened in the past year has been working with my demons to be entertaining a good girl who was in the middle of my own personal spiritual journey from a atheism to Christianity in the past 7 years. So now I am going anywhere in the world that is not a hospital. I have been in contact with him and he is not just a little bit creeped out by the same thing that has been happening to me in my sleep is now happening warlock enforcer who is just about all the way freaked out by the reality that he is the victim and that is because they're are in agreement with the left hand path… 4:443:33…. gateways for being the most intimidating demons again and again and again and again and I would rather have you guys and get my hopes up for a little trip to see him… 23 years ago. I am really sorry that I am a flag worship team leader and I have been in a little more than a prideful spirit that I have been doing the flags in Fergus Falls and I can tell you that I will be really sorry for the information overload that I have been working on my delivery from Levithan and I am in carnal urges to take on the block with my hatchet and mace…. not spray…. heavy metal ball and chain. I'm just being driven to murder and have sex. so far I have been blinded by something in my eyes and I walked out into traffic last night… total blackout. I'm also speaking at night in a very bad language that I have to say is satanic. So now I have a dirty little demonic force that is going to follow me around like bodyguards. I will not be able to help anyone else if I'm still under control of the free will of my body parts and my voice is apparently not really like it was. I cough up the grossest bile and I keep thinking that I am really getting drowned in my apartment and they watch me to no end…. It's not gonna be a good time for me but I have been working on my delivery from the demons for weeks and I can tell you it's like giving birth in my lungs. I have videos and I would appreciate your input and prayers…. I don't want to be a part of the proverbial bad things that are going to go down in a very short period of time…. I'm feeling that the reality is that they have us all together for a puppet show that I have to cut the strings and then I am going to have to go home and not sin or I'll get 7 worse spirits come back and stay with me and the moment I open my eye gates in sin…. they will behave as crazy but I keep forgetting about everything

  4. Wow! True that. This is a true encounter which is bad. What is the solution to this? I remember praying and fasting to battle this demon. It worked but how can you help someone else?

  5. People are getting weirder and weirder these last days SMH 🤦🏽‍♀️… and I wonder if these demons are using robots and similar forms of Artificial intelligence as a host body. U have to wonder 🤔

  6. A Hispanic man I met through my aunt said that demons shaped like women would come to him over the years and have sex with him – this man too seemed demonic & like it was a common experience with him & some humans.

  7. Thank You, Brother and Sister for making us aware of these facts and causing us to grow stronger in faith & wisdom in The Ruach Ha Kodesh to fight mightily against spiritual wickedness in high (and low places) and fighting for the freedom of souls. Much love and respect to you. All glory to, Abba Yah’ 🌹 Shalom

  8. she's a willing and open vessel to receive demons….sick…she has secured her place in the Lake of Fire

  9. Ive had a "man with wings" demon jump out of a text message. That was the weirdest encounter ive had in recent years

  10. I’ve had it I casted them out after ,I was able to talk . It’s scary yes they will try to harm you one I heard say God wouldn’t come . I casted them out to hell . The couple times for I just screamed Yeshua name they were gone . I pray the armor of god is on me the 91st psalm around me on me in my home and the outside and the blood of Yeshua over me .

  11. I can relate to the sleep paralysis. I called out the name Jesus on several attacks and each time the attack was released. It taught me that although I am in the truth and now use Yahshua, Yah's Word must be in your heart no matter what you say you are on the outside. This is a very informative video except a few portions where the audio from 2 different sources were conflicting.

  12. I been going thru this since 13.. I been rape by demons too n I was scared out my mind nothing like what that woman says I felt everything ..someone help me

  13. I'm not surprised. These shows are run & owned by high-level occult satanic people.
    All these shows are trying to Normalise Evil & Desensitize us to wickedness :/

  14. This mess right here is why you can't and shouldn't just sleep with any ol thang!!! Ugh, who in the h3ll feels comfortable being intimate with something they're not able to see?!?! 😈👹💀😈👹💀😲

  15. I woke up at my daughter's place and there was only my daughter, son- in -law, and my baby grandson. When I woke up I went to the bathroom like normal then I noticed I was black and blue and finger bruises like someone was trying to spread my legs and I fought against it whatever was trying to get them apart. I mean I was purple, really dark fresh bruises. I slept on the couch when I stayed at my daughter's place and I never heard, seen, or felt a thing but that morning I was sore from the bruises on the higher part near the vagina area. I showed my daughter cause it scared me when I saw all those bruises and perfect finger bruises the size if a big man's hand. To this day I still don't know what happened to me.
    It's really hard to believe that women have sex with ghosts. This tells me she doesn't believe in God if she having sex with a lot of demons. She's a ghost slut lol im sorry it is all in her head.

  16. I can not believe what im hearing these women having sex with the demons and loving it, such bullshit. If I woke up and a ghost was having sex with me I would be terrified and a lot of help. When the falling angels came down and had sex with the earth people least the earth women back long ago they could feel and see them.

  17. That same thing happened to me numerous times they appear in my dreams as twin women I don't know how I am able to recognize that they are not really human but as soon as I do is when one of them would grab me by my neck and start choking me until I can't breathe instinctively I knew that I had to call on the Lord it was a struggle to say his name but as soon as I did I heard them say come on let's get out of here and I would suddenly wake up so I know what you are talking about


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