Boris Johnson offers apology for breaking covid-19 law | Latest English News | WION

The British PM and chancellor have been fined for breaking lockdown rules during the covid-19 pandemic. This has been the first time that Johnson and Sunak have been fines for breaking ‘their own’ law.

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Comment (30)

  1. Police came down hard on the public with bigger fines and arrests!! The Tory party is one massive pile of s**t!!! they are vile

  2. the western oligarchs think they can brake the law and then tell the people anything and the people most accept it

  3. is the attitude of boris johson not showing a braindead oligarch , who can do whatever he please and then force the people to accept anything he say

  4. These two man needs to kicked out from office.
    British peoples should also keep their minds the people who support him in his own party.

  5. He’s mentally stuck on 16 years old with that Punk Rocker haircut punish him And force him to get a haircut

  6. Do we really need people like these running our country? They are laughing at us. And before someone says well who else is there?, thats the problem but the russians have the same problem

  7. Boris is the "Lion of Ukraine " no other world leader is capable of defeating Putin, Boris is a world leading world leader. Ordinary people need to know their place and respect their betters.

  8. he is laughting at the public that took there advise not to see sick relatives and bury them alone , How low can this Party stoop

  9. Boris got “slap on the hand” for breaking his own rules in most vital time.

    Any leader with common sense would’ve at least accepted their fault and resigned.

  10. LOL


  11. Appalling morals as leaders. Both my parents died and I was not able to attend their funerals. Where is his brain. He is a grandiose narcissist.

  12. I don't accept their apologies .. .. like crocodile tears their apologies mean nothing.

    it might well be argued that this is a case of contempt and that fines should be levied on the basis of 'net worth' … those holding the most wealth and highest positions of public office should rightly pay the highest fines. If it was right to fine ordinary people of average means and reserves £10,000 then pro-rata this pair would be able to make a substantial contribution towards the support of the NHS and the poorest in our society. Maybe we should start the 're-balancing' now? set a good example, as the people holding high office should. This would be an ideal opportunity to put their money where their mouths are, or is it going to be, again, one set of rules for us .. and an entirely different set of rules for them?

  13. disgusting they refuse to resign. British people want them to resign noone trusts hthem. they need to resign

  14. With all that's going on in the NHS,how do we rid. the 🇬🇧 public of this on going epedemic call political parasite 🤔.

  15. We must not forget that the Covid variants came from China. Therefore, telling Boris to quit is outlandish.
    Boris is a clever politician with deep pockets. He sees through the smoke screen of lies told by the media.
    Boris is a very clever politician who knows how to balance the scales. He sends just enough weapons to support Ukraine because sending too much weapons could escalate into nukes.
    But what does stupid Joe Biden do? Biden sends a ton of weapons to Ukraine which is utterly thoughtless!
    Putin can escalate the war into a Nuke disaster.
    So far the war has not escalated, big thanks owed to Boris Johnson. Boris can walk the streets of Ukraine knowing that it has not escalated Pat himself on the shoulder for that.

  16. What a message this Is to the rest of the world bojo and his merry clowns are an absolute joke…. their pushing uk residents to the brink of ruin with their astronomical increases in daily bills…. sushi is so well off this will never even slightly impact him or the rich just us that are on minimal wages trying to exist in this God for saken country . We need to do a national lockdown ourselves see how the government likes that……….


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