Boris Johnson 'poured drinks' at Downing Street party, more trouble in sight for UK PM | World News

Britain’s partygate controversy is spelling more trouble for UK prime minister Boris Johnson. For the longest time Johnson kept denying even attending the 10 Downing street gatherings during the 2020 lockdown, it turns out one of the celebrations held during the lockdown was in fact led by Boris Johnson himself.

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Comment (36)

  1. I've two questions about Boris. Does he bath or shower daily? What is with his hair? Buy him a comb.

  2. All Boris will say is "I have apologised, the people want us to carry on with more important things, like the economy and the Ukraine blah blah" and Starmer will stand there like a dummy and accept it.Can those who lost their jobs,homes and loved ones move on knowing this fat slug of a man was boozing with his mates?It is about hypocrisy not parties.Time for Bozo to GoGo.

  3. "Prime Minister is not worthy of serving the Queen or her country " so says the report. What a funny democracy Britain practices. People elect the Prime Minister, through polling to serve the Queen. Well done Britain and you teach democracy to the world.

  4. Good grief, he had a party, get over it, all those complaining are probably Labour ๐Ÿคข supporters anyway, who cares, I've seen people do a lot worse and they didn't lose their jobs
    ๐Ÿฅ‚ Boris, ur doing a good job

  5. And then heading off to to Kiev for a photo opp. Cynically making use of the suffering of Ukrainians in an attempt to modify public opinion. Disgusting.

  6. Tony Blair Killer … Boris is his student.
    USโ€™ $800 Million Military Aid To Ukraine…NOW and AGAIN and AGAIN…more BLOOD

    UKRAINIANS, DEBTS TO AMERICA REPAYERS your grandchildren, great-grandchildren. great-grandchildren … great-great-grandchildren … for the next 100 YEARS. YOU WRAP YOURSELF IN BLACK BELIEVING IN YOUR LEADERS. Zeensky instead of STANDING together with Arestovich LEADS UKRAINE TO autoDESTRUCTION.

    ''If you want, let's increase the tension'', Arestovich said.


    For Americans, nothing is free. It's just an ILLUSION that it's FREE.

  7. With all the problems in Britain no one gives a crap about a couple of drinks with work colleagues in the work building

  8. LEAVE BORIS ALONE a drink with his buddys, he seems like a decent guy, , u wanna hav a, justified reason to pick and moralize, hire tRUMP

  9. The British who were captured by the Russians in Ukraine are asking Johnson to exchange them for the Ukrainian oligarch Medvedchuk – so far no reaction from Johnson is visible.. Johnson doesn't care about the poor British prisoners???/

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  11. Like we care what foreigners say! Will Wion be posting t trouble making content like this in China? No way. In Britain most people were sick and tired of lockdown after a month or two. There were many more than politicians than boris breaking the rules. We read of five labour party MP's who broke rules in one week. Did they resign? No chance Yet labour keep pretending they blameless, it's a crock of crap. They were all doing the same thinmg. That's why I broke the rules, I thought if that are so will I.

  12. This is why his hair always looks rough …..He is partying hard and has a lot of hangovers lol. ๐Ÿ˜‚


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