Boris Johnson set for India visit amid the ongoing 'Partygate' controversy at home | English News

British PM Boris Johnson is expected to arrive in India. The visit comes at a time when Johnson is surrounded by ‘Partygate’ controversy. To get more details, we’re joined by Siddhant Sibbal.

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Comment (37)

  1. All the comments have clearly watched wions coverage on the British Museum and now are all regurgitating it verbatim like its their own strong opinion. This news had nothing to do with artefacts, colonialism and conquest its falling on deaf ears

  2. How can this British tolerate thus guy? I mean just look at him. He's a flake, a blabbermouth full of BS. I remember Margaret Thatcher from the 80s, British PMs have been just downhill from there. Mop head, partying while the country is in lockdown. He's a disgrace.

  3. boris Johnson convincing Modi to condemn Russia is as likely as britain returning 46 trillion dollars worth of Indian wealth back.

  4. There goes democracy 😂😂😂😂😂… UK has Boris Johnson… United States has Joe Biden and kamala Harris 😂

  5. Bojos is coming India, it's our pleasure.
    But 50 cents PAKISTAN BOTS are spreading venom in disguise under comment section to dilute this crucial tour.

  6. Boris Johnson aka the Albinoid Alpaca 🦙 continues to embarrass himself before the whole world. What an utter joke!

  7. India foreign minister slammed da door on sleepy Joe regarding Russian oil purchase … now US is sending one of their pimp"s to try again . Hope India will stand up this time too. 🇮🇳

  8. when Boris visiti India, please do not put flower on his neck, instead give him a comb or brush and hair cream or something😀

  9. Oh god no. Now the UK media will drag India into their domestic squabbles. Boris should clear this business up one way or another before taking foreign visits. Some leaders don't seem to understand that domestic standing is what contributes to foreign policy strength. Why would a foreign country care what you think when your own country's people don't?

  10. If only India would one day ban these colonialist who raped and pillaged India.
    All nations having been raped and pillaged by the British and the Americans should ban these western colonialist. These are the most deceiful kind.

  11. Boris won’t be able get any trade deals with the Indian President as last time he came empty handed! India wouldn’t buy any weapons from Britain as they will keep buying from Russia! So what else he could sell to them! India only wants to sell theirs not interested in buying! He will be seeking Indian students to fill the universities here as they may not travel to Ukraine again to do their highest studies! There aren’t that many investors to have the resources to invest in Britain! So he’s going to waste his time again in India!!


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