Boris Johnson's India visit: India-UK to ink investment deals, Russia-Ukraine talks on agenda too

British PM Boris Johnson will be in India for a two-day visit starting soon. While the meeting comes in the backdrop of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, the key of the visit is to finalize two-way investment deals.

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Comment (21)

  1. Criminal economy is bigger than the legal economy. Cocaine is a £300bn-a-year business. Mafia and organised crime, fininced wars does not abide by the rule of law thx to offshores of UK. R.Saviano
    Zelensky and Kolomoisky are laundering money through real estate, read Pandora paper.
    Johnson wants corrupt India too in order colonise it again.

  2. ✍ If India can develop some moral and ethical codes within International Community, the West and India would be more trustworthy and suitable trading partners for their people Well-being. Please India, you must stand for a real Democracy. Guess, have to wait and see 🤔

  3. Welcome to our country India 🇮🇳 Mr. President
    us as Indians would really appreciate if you return our artefacts, diamonds, Gems, gold that you took from our country and not to forget Kohinoor that The Old queen wears on her head 🥂

  4. What is he going to do there? To scare the Indian children? He has a terrible voice and a more terrible appearance!!!!!

  5. hopefully he will talk about Islamophobia and what Hindu extremist government is doing to the minority 😢

  6. Lot of jealousy and discrimination towards Britain in these comments. People seem to think it’s ok to be discriminatory towards countries like uk. Hypocritical

  7. Boris Johnson is very pro Indian unlike Labour party which is pro Pakistan !!
    We Indians should heartily welcome him 🤝

  8. *****What For*******
    This BoJo ain’t fit for purpose representing UK. This is where the Western PoLliticaL System iS CORRUPT.

  9. 👍❤🇷🇺🇮🇳we Indians never give up Russia friendship. moreover everyone knows the US and UK are an opportunities.

  10. Now that UK has agreed to extradite Julian Assange, may be they can also extradite our mega scammers.

  11. Índia must be careful they gona steal tecnologi
    Dont forguet that they are colonialists hipocrits and faschist peopel

  12. UK , US dictate and control the whole world and if countries don’t agree they make their citizens to starve

  13. Why this drug addict Boris Johnson visiting India?
    May be he needs some yoga and meditation 😂😂😂

  14. America is not the greatest country on this Earth America has so many social problems social issues and poverty problems and racist problems on every level in America in America has so many young homeless people in the streets homeless old people in the street too America needs to look within America and America news reporting is pathetic and sickening and hypocritical America has so many problems within America it's pathetic no righteous country on the face of this Earth should let America dictate anything to it what's going on in America a great leader of Iran said that America what decay from within was on point 100% and it's happening right now as I make this comment on all levels in America and I'm not that much in love with America that I can't see the truth of what the great leader of Iran said about America decaying from within it's happening right now on every level in America👌🙏✌️

  15. Boris wants to conquer the Indian financial market, UK has nothing to offer people of India other than steal their money and wealth. UK is a haven for worlds scum to hide their stolen wealth.

  16. Return Nirav Modi and other criminals hiding there first. That'll be better ROI than any bilateral deals


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