Boris Johnson's office targeted by Pegasus? Reports claim UAE linked to spyware attack | WION

According to a report, UK PM Boris Johnson’s office was the target of suspected Pegasus spyware attacks in 2020 and 2021. A report presented by Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto said that suspected infections were linked to Johnson’s No-10 office with Pegasus operators linked to UAE.

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  3. Zelensky is grandstanding in hourly videos & criticizing everyone. He tells citizens to fight while HIM & his family stay away from the action. As a neutral country his people could thrive and live in peace. This war should have been avoided.

  4. Can you hear me Pegasus? Yeah it's working fine. It talks back to me dear. She thinks it's my horse. No I was talking about another lady. She's my new black Arabian stallion. Not those other Arabian guys. They're studs not mares. I like mares because I like to think of myself as the stud in the equation. Ever play five card stud? I have two kings and that's all I'm gonna say about that. This is a friendly game. No splashing the pot or tapping the cards. Welch on a bet in this town you won't even be able to get a game of jacks. The Sting (1973). You have four jacks right?

  5. Just because it says in the bible there will be war in the of time we already know who wrote the bible so elites or who you guys need to stop this bloodshed sacrifice STOP

  6. They don't need to go to this extreme of Spyware!! Anybody can walk in to the Downing St. Cabinet office when there's a party on …. even an interior decorator!!!!

  7. I'm not a bot I can prove by replying so don't report me
    Patrick lancaster US Navy veteran funded reporter reporting from civilians in mariupol the truth
    Watch him on YouTube and you may change your opinion on this situation

  8. Wakeup call
    I call to all,
    What is going on that headless Chanting & Clapping in every parliament around the world for Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy, Ukraine president, Which back up by Media, 1+1 oath of corruption,
    The Man with his team created chaos & destruction to his own country not serving the interest of his people, Ukraine have the biggest Nuclear installation in Europ, Misels and so on,
    He is trying to divide the world one against the others & bringing to unprotected nuclear war,
    The consequence of all those exited clapping and chanting will be looking for places in underground hidden of Nuclear Bomb, and Radio active,
    The United states Government with the allied Nato, expansion, Sending Arms and Money to the country even not they are member, to one artist play theater, who is the reason for all this destruction & war with Russia,
    Singing innocent songs.
    The USA, Allied European Union are addicted to Sanction one after the other exited to bring Russia, and countries who are not obey they are condition to knee, this is a Jungle Policy, not Politic.
    To my opinion, Politic and Government Military resources is used by the third party out of the Government control by the Zion Global Mafia-Illuminati- Banking cartel printing hard currency,
    Investing for regime changes & interfering to the country's internal affairs, bribing and corrupting in every level, Government, and others group and organization that no one can open they are mouth,
    Who make the most profit, Arms producers drug Properties Banking Cartels Frozen Accounts, controlling Media agencies, mafia, UN, & NGO,s collecting fund in the name of all those have nothing,
    One thieves runing after the other thieves asking for help,
    I call to all,
    The biggest losses & risk to the global economy no one is talking about Nearly 400 million people across 45 cities in China are under full or partial lockdown as part of China's strict zero-Covid policy. Together they represent 40%, or $7.2 trillion, of annual gross domestic product for the world's second-largest economy, according to data from Nomura Holdings, he is talking only about China,
    What happened to others global countries Covid policy, and economics losses of $Trillion & addiction Crippling sanctioned countries ecconomies losses of Business and Jobs, & $Trillion of losses in the distractions wars countries, killing, and displacing people, and the other $Trillions disappear in the Panama, Pandora corruptions,
    War Crime and genocide from A-A-A-A- and so on there is no one to take all those responsible to proper Authorities, why Ukraine is matter?
    I call to all the people, wake up stand up United for your right peacefully before is to late/
    This is my opinion, 16 April 2022 Skype yawar_ali1

  9. Total toss pot
    Compulsive liar, campaign promises broken, no integrity apologies insincere

    Opposition waste of space

    New DNA needed full transparency and accountability

    Wake up people

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