Boris Johnson's speech on Brexit, AI robots and chicken at the UN

BORIS Johnson compared himself to the mythological Greek god who was cruelly punished for giving fire to mankind in a speech at the UN.

The PM suffered a setback yesterday in his mission to deliver Brexit when the Supreme Court ruled his UK Parliament shutdown was unlawful.

In another development the PM also had his first meeting with Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani last night in a bid to broker an end to the Gulf crisis.

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SUN readers reacted with fury after the Supreme Court ruled Boris Johnson’s shutdown of Parliament was unlawful:

Supreme Court – What happens next? Brexit could be delayed and Boris Johnson may face confidence vote after sensational ruling:

Judges blew their hallowed status with the Supreme Court ruling and will now be fair game for public scrutiny:

Elsewhere Donald Trump last night promised to “quadruple” trade between the US and Britain with a post-Brexit deal. He made the offer to console Boris Johnson over the Supreme Court verdict on his suspension of Parliament.

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Comment (48)

  1. Boris you are deluded. You talk about FREEDOM. What about the freedom of speech that has been taken away from people like David Icke who have an alternative perspective about Ageds 21 and the Orwellian world that is being imposed on us. Have you sold out Boris or just blind to the threat of AI and the future of human life on earth. I pray to God that Agenda 21 will be stopped and that people will rise up to stop the governments taking populations towards a New World Order. Wake up Boris what you reveal is a threat to freedom and you describe how the enslavement of the human race will progress. You're even stupid enough to fail to see the danger of these new vaccines. Next time you promote a vaccination find out what's in it then ask yourself do you want that for yourself and your children. If our leaders are blind like you Boris then what chance have the people of this country got. If you say you are not blind then you are traitor to ordinary people. Everything that David Icke and so called conspiracy theorists have said is the truth. The real conspiracy is the one being brought about by you and politicians like you. You are changing our freedoms and NO YOU DO NOT HAVE CONSENT. YOU MAY SEE IT AS TAKING BACK CONTROL BUT HOPEFULLY RESISTANCE IS STRONG AND YOUR CON THAT BRAVE NEW WORLD IS GOOD WILL FAIL.

  2. Who in hell wrote that speech…

    This was before sars-cov-2 right.

    There is something coming, no one is quite sure what.
    People will learn about consciousness, Majik and the true nature of reality very quickly.

    Where in the Iniverse are you right now. The uni? 🤷‍♀️ 🔲😉

    Ask Embar
    Wyrd –
    you played the game.
    You loose. X

  3. Let us live in natural world not in fantasy. You are not God. Wait God will destroy anti Christ these people are illusionists. Control yourself not
    I believe in democracy you cannot solve world problems. Give people a job not fantasy

  4. Fear not my dear brothers and sisters : there is a place to hide that they know not. Read PSALM 91 kjv and Believe !
    Behold , they shall be as stubble ; the fire shall burn them ; ye shall not deliver yourselves from the power of the flame : there shall not be a coal to warm thee nor fire to sit before thee. Thus shall they be unto thee with whom thou hast labored, even thy merchants from thy youth ; then you shall wonder, every heathen to his quarter ; none shall save thee. And there shall be no peace unto the wicked. The One and Only True and Living GOD hath sworn by HIMSELF : HIS Word has gone out in Righteous Judgement and shall not return, that every knee shall bow unto ME and every tongue confess ; that YESHUA HaMashiah / JESUS CHRIST is LORD ☝!!!

  5. World Economic Forum great reset badge on which wants all countries to be as one global power with one digital currency
    So why bother with brexit boris when you know what the bigger picture is
    This man should not be in power

  6. It is now clear we in Northern Ireland can not believe anything Boris says. He told us no border in the Irish sea now he has done exactly that. Then he told us it would have simplified customs system again another lie we have full declarations only difference is it is filled on a new complicated on line system. No real difference telling them or HMRC as same details are needed. This week lorry loads of fresh veg for our shops in Northern Ireland have been refused on board ships and had to be dumped. Wake up Boris or move out. Our Northern Ireland shops are low on every day fresh foods as main land UK is our main supply route and it is being destroyed by the EU demands. British government walking over our equal rights as British nationals with the other British nationals of the UK.. What next Boris you going to remove Northern Ireland from the UK passport.

  7. 2 weeks into 2021, these pedophiles are being hunted down, one at a time. The storm is coming, they can not stop it. We know what you have done to the children.
    🇺🇸♥️✊🏽✊🏿✊🏻✊🏾✊🏼♥️🇺🇸 We are coming for all of you disgusting 💩

  8. Are we allowed freedom of expression and the right to seek and impart information and ideas if they are considered “anti-vax” or is it only opinions and information that you decide? Because censorship is real today, and yet I don’t hear concern from Boris Johnson. Unusual considering how passionately he speaks here on upholding those rights. Perhaps it’s only views considered dangerous? Dangerous to the health and well-being of others? I get that, but the silencing of dissenting voices, the censorship of information, and the labelling and ostracisation only seems to some, to validate their points of view. If efficacy and safety is as simple as Boris puts it here, why are we not allowed questions? Voices? Opinions? Freedom of speech? The right to seek and impart information? As Boris himself acknowledges, advances in technology is often met with a cost, and the cost of vaccines and other pharmaceutical treatments is very real and poses a serious health risk, this isn’t “conspiracy” it’s evidenced and backed by a plethora of medical professionals and scientists, who, unfortunately you don’t know about due to the strict control of information in this modern day. Which coincidentally, is something that Boris forgot to include in his description of a technocratic, authoritarian, dystopian dictatorship of the future.

  9. Oh Boris.. thank you for letting everyone know that the government is going to take complete control of everyone’s lives! That we will have no personal identity, individualism, privacy, freedom.. hope everyone is making all the necessary preparations when the time comes for the government to make their move for total control and power!

  10. The knowledge is already here. What Boris is talking about is control, playing God. Nature at the mercy of them.

    It will never work, it cannot since nature made too!

    Ego at its extreme.

    Did you vote for these people?

    Did you agree to their policies???

    Because what they want will affect every aspect of your life and the planet.

  11. Look like the Ten toes of Babylon finna make a move on The Medes of Medo-Persia

    Same way how the medes the Russians made they move too bring back the Soviet union

    Can't wait for the false third temple to be built so the UN usher the Pope of Rome in by force and so called peace

    Spoken of by my forefather Daniel the prophet


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