Boston Dynamics: The company making robots to replace us

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Robots you may see killing humans in recent Netflix shows, look a lot like robots that are available in the market. Yes, you may have seen that Black Mirror episode where a robotic dog hunts people, and you may notice the ​uncanny resemblance with Spot​, the newest robot dog from Boston Dynamics. The similarity probably doesn’t mean anything other than a creative license ​from the creators of the show. But the truth is that forward-thinking companies like Boston Dynamics are bringing robots into our lives sooner than we probably expected.

Here starts, Company Forensics: Boston Dynamics.

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0:00 – Intro
1:41 – Boston Dynamics: Hello, Spot
2:43 – Boston Dynamics: MIT Military Robots
3:31- Boston Dynamics: Google Gets Into Robots
4:32 – Boston Dynamics: From Google to Softbank
6:34 – Boston Dynamics: Will Robots Replace Us?
7:48 – Boston Dynamics: Technology Singularity

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  1. Everyone talks about the technology perspective but not the economic perspective. If more robots come in, then there will be more people to add more value to the society which is already highly advanced. So this might accelerate the advancement of our society in a much faster rate and decrease the growth of our population rapidly. This is much like a butterfly effect where one thing contributes another which is not that nearly related. So robots coming in day to day life is not only about job losses and there are much more to discuss which is very much a grey area

  2. I saw value in your channel. I subscribed. Now, that is even better cuz I became loyal. I wrote this comment after realizing my loyalty by constantly checking for a new vid and liking this video before even watching it. Okay, now I go and watch. Good job for bringing value. True pure business brings value.

  3. why advertise skillshare, your videos get 20k views at most, and you own a product that you can push further in those videos instead of pushing other products, advertising skillshare makes slidebean look bad

  4. It's good to keep in mind when certain jobs are "lost" other positions are created. These new jobs are ones that would not have been considered before automation. If you told someone in 1900 you're a search engine optimizer, they would have no idea what you're talking about and would prob be shocked to hear farming is no longer the most popular profession.

  5. I'm an MBA student and "Company forensics" has become my daily goto video to understand about business of those companies in an impressively succinct way. Thanks for all your efforts. Waiting for more such videos 🙂
    – From INDIA

  6. Robots are highly developed however too expensive. So no way to replace it with a human for all duties. Robotics might provide great advantages in future so they need to keep developing them.


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