Brain-Computer Interface Companies, Big Tech, & Business – Lesson 9.1

Want to learn about the companies driving neurotechnology forward? Our newest video examines what companies are throwing their hat into the ring and what they are looking to get out of it. This is our last lesson video of the series πŸ™ so we hope you like it!

Harrison and Colin (The BCI Guys) are neurotech researchers and entrepreneurs dedicated to creating a brain-controlled future! Neurotechnology and brain-computer interfaces are devices that allow users to control machines with their thoughts and interact with technology in new ways. This revolutionary technology will change life as we know it, and soon will be as common as the touchscreen on your smartphone. Join us in learning about the brain-controlled future!

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  1. My vision is that someone will invent a ForeheadSet, that displays texts.

    This kind of headset could be linked to mobiles for instant translation and other features.

    It'd be usefull for people with some illness or disfunction.

  2. how do you feel about the right to repair with Apple Devices? and do you think that their eco system stifles future growth as a peer to peer system. let alone an ai system that would allow such a thing.


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