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EEG Data Sets & Game Simulator- Asphalt8 Using BCI [NeuroSky Mindwave]


The objective of this project is to develop an understanding and implement the usage of Brain Computer Interface (BCI) and further use it to enhance the daily life experience. In this project, we are going to showcase the usage of BCI by developing an open source dedicated device that can sense attention and mediation levels of our brain using NeuroSky Mindwave EEG Headset and Raspberry Pi. At initial stage the target is to filter alpha-waves to capture basic human body movements like that of the arms (left & right) and eye blinks in real time. It will be used to simulate games and control chairs for the handicapped, just by your mind which are a few of the applications of our project.

Project By:
Vishal Aditya
Utkal Sharma
Mayuresh Konda
[B.Tech- CSE]

Photography By:
Abhinav Chandra

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EEG Part1:

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