Brain Computer Interface Set to Explode In 5 Years

In this video, Dr. Cody makes game-changing predictions regarding BCI

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Cody Rall, M.D., is a United States Navy trained Psychiatrist who specializes in neurotechnology wearables. He is a co-founder of Stanford Brainstorm, the world’s first academic laboratory dedicated to transforming brain health through entrepreneurship.

Dr. Rall also served as a board member of the psychiatry innovation lab, an annual national competition at the American Psychiatric Association that works as an incubator for groups developing technological solutions to problems in mental health care. He is the founder of Techforpsych, a media and relations company that covers advancements in technology related to neuroscience.


To apply for Dr. Cody’s Brain Circuit Training program head to this link:

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  1. Hi, I am software developer , what source do you suggest for reading and become more familiar with this type of IOT and also book or resource for domain knowledge ?? (brain things) . ty

  2. Eagerly waiting to watch your interview on Kernel. I hope they can do both reads/writes to brain, similar to what Neuralink and Openwater are working towards.
    Regarding Openwater, have been waiting for a while to see their first product release (Scan in ambulance), not sure when they are planning to get one out. Their BCI work looks to be their last priority.

    I would love your idea of collaboration and it could help me and others learn, understand, innovate and collaborate for early adoption. I am fine with a platform other than FB. Thanks

  3. Except that in order for this to happen there needs to be ways for people to innovate and 1. Companies like Interaxon with widespread hardware aren't releasing public SDKs, and 2. In order to make a BCI app from scratch you have to practically have a PhD in neuroscience and for sure know how to reverse engineer a bluetooth interface.

  4. I'm gonna capitalize on the opposite market. Radio frequency blocking clothing protects you from brain tracking devices. Ha ha ha 😈. Hi Cody, I'm from Hell. So the same input frequency for drone communication is going to be used to power them (microwave bands) these drones can than communicate with the "brain devices" 👁️

  5. I do wish there was an open source model of BCI for the equipment for those who just need to use it for things like EventGhost to help adjust certain settings, but I really don't have the money to sustain such a development yet.

  6. In the middle of your video, you mentioned an interest in communication platforms devoted to BCIs. See, for example, the upcoming BCI Un-conference ( I am the admin of the brain-computer interfacing group on FB. Good posts are welcome. I also suggest getting in contact with the established BCI community, which has many online conferences. NeurotechX and the BCI Society may be good options. Regarding gaming with BCIs for meditation and state, check out the work of Prof. Anton Nijholt, including his WoW interface in which the character changes based on stress/relaxation.

  7. I want to do a PhD in Brain Computer Interfaces. Do you think this is a righ choice? because this topic migh be general and somehow old. Can you suggest me a topic related to EEG? Thanks in advance

  8. I suggest Discord. A lot of communities use Discord, and it works really well. For instance check out the Lex Fridman Discord for an example. Look up Lex Fridman on youtube if you haven't heard of him.

  9. Initially, I think that we need to understand the social impact of such a device, so I think that we want to avoid creating devices that socially separate us, in fact, we should be able to produce devices that allow us to see other points of view, understand experiences of other people, and help bridge the gaps between peoples that are created by environment, social status, experiences, cultures and languages . . . . I think that is very important for the future of humans, because as we stand now, we are doing a pretty good job of setting ourselves up for self-annihilation of humanity, with nuclear weapons, or simply from destroying our ecosystem. Enough said there. Another thought that occurred to me was eventually we should be able to create an interface that does something like put you inside of a Moon rover robot, to allow you to do science by walking on the Moon and actually experiencing it as if you are right there in real time (well, almost). Imagine prospecting on the Moon, it has crater after crater of asteroids, comets, you name it, and what exotic things we could find there, and you are one of the first people there virtually exploring in an environment that is hostile to life because of extreme temperatures, lack of atmosphere, but it makes no difference, you are sitting in your home, but directly experiencing walking on the Moon . . . . .

  10. I am super excited about this product as a computer science major. However, I haven't been able to find stocks that are open to the public for early investments. Any suggestions?

  11. absolutely love Peter Diamandis and Bold! His books are amazing, I have all of them on hard copy and audible lol.. the future really is faster than you think 😀 People have no idea the tidal wave of change which is about to hit us within like you say the next 5 to 10 years.

  12. I vote for Discord, its such a great space to curate discussion! I use it to keep up with a ton of different communities, would love to see this one there too!

  13. Anything like exists for iOS? Some kind of BCI that allows us to mind control a cube, turn it around? Lift it up? Move it from side to side?

    Something like this on iOS this would be a wonderful exercises for concentration/focus. Muse2 doesn’t seem to allow us to interact with a 3D object with our minds – therefore doesn’t entice me.

  14. It is my first ever contact with brain-computer interface. I´m a student from Mexico City on laws. I wonder how all this could affect my career and everything related. The future seems interesting! A Reddit community could be a great place to discuss this stuff.

  15. I started a Bioengineering degree 2 years ago because I have an interest in brain-computer interfaces. I'm so excited for the seemingly limitless applications in this field!!


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